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As soon as we heard preliminary reports we investigated, identified the cause of the issue and added supports within the ultrasonic welder to prevent any part of the weld from melting more than it should and causing the tightness issues. We expect to have this concluded in the next week. If you have a problem with your MiniDrive, please email us on support niftydrives. As far as improving our assembly process goes, aside from updating the ultrasonic welding machine, we are adding a maximum removal force QA condition to the microSD card portion of the MiniDrive, as well as supplying a model of MacBook for each model of MiniDrive so that "real life" use case conditions can be tested directly on the assembly line.

Please keep us up to date with any further issues you encounter as it is massively helpful for us to iterate and update the MiniDrive. You guys are helping us pioneer this, and we can't do it without you. Jul 30, So - everything is moving on according to schedule: I'm sorry that we haven't been able to do photos inside the factories this time as Foxconn is pretty strict about what is brought into any of the production areas.

However, here are some of the FAI first article inspection items off the pre-production line. We have decided to drop the blue plastic, but aside from that, these are identical to our full production models: We have also completely re-designed the aluminium-body interface, making full destruction of the MiniDrive the only way in which the aluminium and main body can separate.

Also, as no gluing is involved, it is a highly reliable and repeatable process. During strength testing, we found that the new design was so robust the metal would often have to deform before any failure occurred. We will have the Kickstarter warranties and replacement batch off the line first, delivered into HK on the 13th of August, where it will be split into two air freight deliveries, one for the logistics centre in North American and one for dispatch from Europe.

If you live in North American or Northern Europe you should get your MiniDrives before the end of August, the post for those living elsewhere may mean your MiniDrive will arrive by the second week of September. We will be sending out individual emails to all those we owe MiniDrives in the next couple of weeks with instructions for how to choose your replacement model, verify you address etc.

Please note that for this first batch we are only able to offer either silver or red. We know a small number of you will really want one of the other colors, but due to volume requirements, we were unable to do any other color in the first run. Any color other than Red and Silver cannot be manufactured until our second batch run, currently planned for October.

The Nifty MiniDrive by niftydrives — Kickstarter

This will be clear at the point of model selection and address verification, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up here as well. Bit of a strange one here - we have had some reported cases of empty MiniDrives causing longer than expected boot times. If you are experiencing unusually long boot times, just try putting a microSD card into your MiniDrive and the problem should clear right up. Jul 1, Just a quick update to say that almost all the hard tooling has now been signed off and Piers is travelling out to China at the end of this week to oversee production and assembly from start to finish at Foxconn.

May 31, We'd like to give a shout out to a couple of backers who have made some awesome little icon packs for you to use with your MiniDrive. You can swap out the little SD card icon on your desktop for one of these bad boys:. David Saunders: Jesus Badia: Thank you very much guys! If you're not sure how to swap out the old icon for a new one, here is a great little tutorial for ya: Although neither me or Steve made the video, it was made by a guy called Dan Allen who really enjoyably uses the word "boom" at 1: Choosing a distributor is a really involved process all on its own, and I will be doing a KickTips blog entry on that in a few weeks time.

However, if you are a distributor, and you would be interested in distributing the MiniDrive, or know someone who might be, we would love to talk with you. Drop us an email to: So you have chosen your manufacturers and got quotes for all the bits you need.

Save big on extra storage for you Mac with the Nifty MiniDrive & more top accessories [Deals]

You are now ready right? If only. Actually, there is quite a bit you still need to do before you can pull the trigger. Generally a manufacturer will only do a DFM if they are almost certain they have the order or sometimes only when they have a PO in hand. This is because a DFM is a much more in depth process than a quoting process, and thus expensive in terms of resource allocation.

However, do not underestimate how long this process will take. Here is a quick example of what I mean, illustrated with the manufacture of an injection mould plastic part:. A lot of this can seem frustrating, especially as they can be very small points, but it is SO important: This process can be helped along by getting your design verified by an manufacturing engineer, but that won't necessarily get everything. Also, make sure you factor in plenty of time. Getting feedback for the DFM can take forever, and your manufacturers won't necessarily feedback everything that needs changing at the same time.

Never assume if you hear nothing that all is fine and the tooling is ready to start.

This process alone set our project back around two months in total as feedback came in dribs and drabs and often took two or more rounds to reach something all parties were happy with. If you can, try to get all of this sorted, including DFM, for all parts, before your Kickstarter campaign starts - this means that, on successful completion of the campaign you just have to say "go" and the tooling manufacture commences. It sounds so obvious to me now, but when we were first starting out, it just felt like once we had a price for something, all they had to do was get started once we gave the green light!

It's not. Don't let it bite you in the ass. Share this project Done. Say thanks! Add Comment Report Expired Reply. Created at If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

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Keeps giving mounting errors s when awakened from sleep. Kills battery life on standby. Have had multiple microsd cards fried and become read only. Not sure what but something is seriously wrong with these. Helpful Comment? Thanks for the heads up, but I'd be nervous about exactly what's happening to the poster above me. Page 1 of 1. Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Popular Deal.

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