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Gareth Smith on September 27, at 9: Any news on this anyone found any other cheap courses Reply. Andy Webb on September 28, at 3: Dino on September 17, at 1: Joanna on September 25, at 9: Andy Webb on September 27, at 2: Afraid not right now Reply. Neil on September 27, at 9: Thanks Reply.

It looks like NUS removed all online learning companies. Chris Hall on September 28, at 8: Mauro Schaparini on September 30, at Hey Chris, did you manage to get your card? Neil on September 6, at It seems there is a chance we can renew an existing NUS card. Also, there is a chance you can just buy a new NUS card with this technique.

Kam on September 7, at 6: Jamie Vincent on September 7, at 9: Helen Ayres on August 15, at 1: Hopefully a useful update for everyone. This just in from New Skills Academy: This is taking much longer than anticipated and have told us it can take up to 2 weeks. Best wishes Helen. Nick on August 17, at 2: Andy Webb on August 18, at 3: Ewa on August 29, at 5: Bad news. Probably all online providers were removed for good from NUS list: Lee Here on August 13, at 4: All options now seem to have been removed Reply. Andy Webb on August 14, at 9: JD on August 13, at 3: Hi, New Skills Academy seems to have been removed.

Andy Webb on August 13, at 4: Anup on August 2, at Cheryl on August 7, at 7: Me too. Got ecareers as recommended and NUS say it is not eligible. If it is too good to be true….. Andy Webb on August 9, at Louise Colledge on August 16, at It looks like all online course providers have been axed by NUS. Adrian on July 26, at 9: Andy Webb on July 26, at Steve on August 2, at 1: Andy Webb on August 2, at 4: Elaine Young on August 10, at 9: Guillaume on July 19, at 1: Andy Webb on July 20, at 6: Hi Guillaume, Yes you do need to be a UK resident.

Jody on July 19, at Andy Webb on July 19, at 1: It was still listed yesterday on the NUS application so should still work fine Reply. Jody on July 24, at 6: Adrian on July 30, at Anthony on August 2, at 8: Andy on June 20, at 3: Great tip — my card arrived this morning — valid for 3 years!

Sam on June 2, at 1: Is that the Microsoft course? Sam Dennis on June 2, at 1: What course did you purchase to do it? Thanks in advance Reply. Any update on spotify? Andy Webb on June 11, at Sadly not. Anne Marie Stagg on July 9, at 6: Andy Webb on July 10, at 9: Thanks Anne Marie. Daniel on May 18, at Andy Webb on May 23, at 8: Hi Daniel, it should work. Try a different browser perhaps?

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Andy Webb on June 3, at Dale on April 17, at Andy Webb on April 19, at 3: Try the links in the site above, via Go Groopie, Groupon and others Reply. Stacey Foster on June 13, at 9: Andy Webb on June 13, at 7: I normally put vocational and that works fine! V on February 9, at Working as of with Ecareers. James on March 31, at P on April 5, at 2: Rob on February 7, at 6: Sue Walden on February 8, at 1: Sandwich Year on February 4, at 4: Jack on December 8, at Amazing — cheers Andy!

Worked perfectly. Luckily I still look about 12 so should get away with it!

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Austin on February 1, at 4: Andy Webb on February 1, at 4: So it should work fine Reply. Kimia on February 6, at 3: Andy Webb on February 6, at 5: Kimia Harding on February 7, at Andy Webb on February 7, at Michael G on March 31, at Andy Webb on April 13, at 5: It works if you enter a random word.

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Andy Webb on February 3, at 1: Tinab on February 5, at 8: Andrew on March 7, at My 3 year application fine. Andy Webb on March 8, at SK on December 6, at 2: Do you actually have to purchase the Ecareer course for this to work? Sam on November 16, at 1: Helen on November 26, at Nicholas Shaw on November 30, at Worked fine for me, got my card yesterday Reply.

Nuno on November 26, at 3: Andy Webb on November 26, at 4: Nuno Duarte on December 2, at Hey Andy. Nuno on December 3, at Andy Webb on December 5, at 6: I think you can purchase straight away! Try without the hyphen.

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So just Ecareers. That should show up! Anne on November 29, at 6: Just worked fine for me. Andy Webb on November 29, at 6: Jack on December 8, at 1: Worked for me Reply. Tom on November 7, at Erin on November 16, at 5: Cora on November 2, at Yes, I took out an online course and applied for a 3 year card — no problems at all Reply. AB on October 17, at 4: RS on October 24, at I am wondering also.

Molly on October 13, at 5: Anyone have any links to free courses? Mark Bevan on September 12, at 6: Andy Webb on September 13, at Jane on October 13, at Andy Webb on October 21, at 4: Jane on November 21, at 4: Adam on September 5, at 9: Andy Webb on September 6, at 5: Oliver on October 4, at Dimka on September 1, at 7: Andy Webb on September 3, at 8: Sadly you need ID from an academic institution for a rail card Reply. Dmitri on September 7, at 9: Many thanks.

Andy Webb on September 9, at But there are other options with with more interesting courses Reply. Paul on August 24, at Andy Webb on August 25, at Duncan on August 23, at 3: Andy Webb on August 23, at 8: If not, try some random numbers… Reply. Chris on June 27, at 8: Andy Webb on June 28, at Cheers Chris — good to know!

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Alastair on June 19, at 3: Many thanks for the NUS discount information. Thanks again! Andy Webb on June 19, at Emily on June 20, at How long til you could see your student number please and where abouts was it Reply. Cleon Wilson on June 11, at Andy Webb on June 13, at 3: Hmm, contact Shaw Academy to find out where this is. Let me know what they say Reply. Andy on June 14, at 2: You Just enter your registered email address, that seemed to work for me. Andy Webb on June 14, at Great, thanks Andy Reply. David on June 17, at 7: David on June 29, at Andy Webb on June 30, at 4: George Pan on June 6, at 8: Anthony on May 17, at Andy Webb on May 17, at Thanks for sharing for everyone.

Sam Gosling on June 20, at Anthony — did you get your NUS card in the end? Shlok on August 24, at 6: I signed up and entered a random card number and it lets you pay and sign through anyway Reply. Ombretta Orsini on May 8, at 2: Andy Webb on May 9, at 5: DS on May 4, at Hi Mark, I was wondering if you have any updates regarding Ecareers supporting NUS, the link you have posted in your March update is expired. Thank you in advance!

Andy Webb on May 9, at 8: Claire Wylie on April 7, at 4: Andy Webb on April 7, at 6: You mean you have ordered yours? Hope so! Mark Holding on March 31, at 1: Thank you Mark Reply. Andy Webb on March 31, at 2: However, if Ecareers have stopped its partnership it might not last for much longer Reply. Andy Webb on April 4, at 1: Olu on March 24, at 1: Andy Webb on March 26, at 2: Sharon Barnes on March 31, at Anna on March 22, at 5: Andy Webb on March 23, at 8: Does this work for Adobe? Andy Webb on March 18, at 2: Joe on March 8, at 6: Andy Webb on March 9, at 4: Karen on March 7, at Alex on February 7, at Andy Webb on February 9, at 2: You can use the NUS card in store at Topshop, just not online.

It could be the same for office. Anna on January 18, at 4: Gillian on January 13, at 6: Gill on January 18, at 6: Jordan on February 8, at 1: I think it was vocational? Apqu on January 2, at 3: Any such tricks for Unidays? Andy Webb on January 6, at You need the.

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Ashley on December 10, at Do you have to actually complete any of the modules for the course, exams etc? Andy Webb on December 10, at No, you just need to sign up Reply. Thanks for the swift reply. J on November 26, at 2: AB on November 12, at 3: Thanks, Reply. Sirinae on October 30, at 4: Yohualli on October 18, at James on October 12, at 7: You sure this works for Apple? Andy Webb on October 13, at 1: Andy Reply. Andy Webb on September 24, at Have you tried it without the hyphen, so just ecareers?

Muhammad on September 2, at 7: Andy on September 14, at 5: Johny Lee on August 25, at Andy on September 1, at Hope you make some decent savings Reply. Hayley on August 24, at 8: Eric on August 24, at 9: You can make it up! Sam Weston on August 7, at Andy on August 8, at 7: Check Out February Deals.


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