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You will then be presented with the same consent screen next time you access the website if you opt-out. The countdown is on to one of the biggest shopping events of the year, Black Friday. This year Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24th and while many stores are waiting until the day of to release their unbeatable sales, Amazon Canada is way ahead of the game.

Amazon Canada is doing it bigger and better than everyone else by holding a Black Friday deals week!

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They have massive sales happening right now, all the way up until Cyber Monday. Some of these sales will literally blow your mind! Crazy Deals On Electronics. Crazy Deals On Home Accessories. Crazy Deals On Video Games. Crazy Deals On Computers. The extra long and wide back rest support is fully padded for additional comfort, perfect to ease back pain and joint aches.

Keep your home safe with these motion sensing security lights. The 28 LED Ultra-bright solar lights come with a great warranty policy and promise to be durable and waterproof. This budget friendly microfiber sheet set is surprisingly soft for how inexpensive it is. Perfect as a back-up set of sheets and they're machine washable! Anker's wireless headphones are noise-cancelling with sound quality you can trust. The ear hooks provide a secure fit, making them ideal for high-impact activities such as exercise, while the microphone lets you take calls while out without interrupting your music.

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Nobody likes cleaning out their shower drain, but at least TubShroom makes it quicker than ever! TubShroom is a bathtub hair stopper that fits snuggly inside your shower tub drain, catching each and every hair that tries to make its way down your drain. When it's time to clean, just pop it out and remove the hair in seconds. For anyone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning, this is the product for you!

Wake-up gently as this natural light gradually increases over 30 minutes to help nudge you out of your slumber. Do you need to keep your information secure and shred documents quickly? The AmazonBasics Desktop Paper Shredder's simple features make it easy to use and perfect for a home office. It shreds important documents and credit cards to keep your information safe. There is nothing more frustrating than your WiFi not reaching all parts of your home, but Netgear's WiFi extender promises you'll never have to deal with that problem again.

The extender works with any WiFi router and is super easy to install. In this day and age, you would be crazy not to back-up your important information and photos. This best-selling hard drive has quick file transfers and requires no power supply.

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For all you light sleepers, you can finally have the perfectly pitch black room you've always wanted! Made of D strong polyester, this Swiss Gear backpack is fully loaded with features for busy business travelers or students, and can fit up to a 17 inch laptop.

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It's also an ideal travel bag as it fits all international carry-on size requirements. The Sunbeam pad heats up more than twice as fast as traditional heating pads and is covered in soft microplush fabric for a luxurious feel. You can literally sit back and feel your aches and pains melt away. The name of this product says it all - premium, waterproof and hypoallergenic. Perfect for protecting your mattress from spills, dust and bacteria.

A simple and lightweight screen protector that is easy to install and will protect your gaming consoles without interfering with your ability to see what you are playing. When it comes to helping you see better and stay safer on the road, these LED lights and easy to use conversion kits are game changers.

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  • But with this mic, it's able to power itself and deliver quality just as good as many others than are nearly twice it's price. The mic also doesn't need any additional software besides Windows basic audio drivers. Just take care of it and it will last a decade.

    I have 37 items in my cart "saved for later", and not a single god damn thing is on sale. I got absolutely lucky just now, I managed to turn that crap amazon dollar useless corsair coupon I got on that whole Amazon price error fiasco a few weeks back, into a dollar General Amazon Credit! I just bought that PS4 Spiderman combo for around 93 dollars out of pocket: I told her about how "I'm disappointed about the whole thing and I don't blame you, its not your fault, but I would love it if you could help me out and convert that useless coupon into a general dollar credit to make up for all the frustrations I faced over the past week and a half" I mean this is super condensed, but that was the basics.

    Don't fuck yourself over if you're a student or have work and need to be up early. There's only good deals every year and 1 is the yearly Instant Pot markdown. Can't tell if they are serious or trolling. Was literally impossible for me to get that deal, figured I could go early tomorrow but they're all gone already. I assumed it was because they wanted to save their online stock for Friday. I was planning on getting one until they released the deals early which I heard nothing about till they were sold out everywhere. Im going to do the same.

    I don't think amazons going to come through. Sorry I didn't see this till later, it sold out in minutes on Mike's. Seems more like a pre-sale for some items. Some pages show "more deals at midnight PST".

    BLACK FRIDAY - Best Deals You DON'T Know About! (2018)

    The laptop that I wanted is on sale, so that's good I guess. Also, I picked up the computer by the base keyboard only and the entire screen flopped backwards - seems like those are pretty big issues to me. From some cursory Googling, it seems that the Spectre generally has better build quality and a touted much better battery life As for Linux support, can't speak for it - I plan on sticking to Windows on the go since I have Linux at home on a desktop already.

    I'll dig around for safe drivers online, and probably won't update anytime soon until the debacle is patched up. And as if they were reading my mind, hardware unboxed covered the sorry yesterday too https: When you click into a category it says more deals at midnight PST so I guess this is a mini pre sale. I was hoping the TCL 43S was gonna go back in stock. The 55" is too big to be used as a monitor. Dont know how legit this is. It's sold by Amazon and is offered by many other retailers.

    I'd say it's about as legit as it can be.

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    • Hoping for a good deal on a 8TB drive or better. I know Staples has the externals that I can just pull the drive from but still hoping.

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      I didn't really find much for myself. Not a lot that i've been after this year. Bought my girlfriend the Artisan at Canadian Tire last year. I have an older intel version of this, absolutely great with a few quirks but no deal breakers. From the reviews however this one has mediocre battery life at best. For me, battery life is huge when using this for University as I currently am.

      Amazon Canada Black Friday Deals 2018

      I love the writable tablet mode for taking notes on pdf's professors provide. See if you can find an Intel version for now, while AMD, microsoft, HP or some combination get the battery life right. Hey if you don't know the answer just don't write anything, you're just annoying people seeking a smart answer. For those who don't know where to find the deals, you have to select "Black Friday Deals Week" filter next to the search engine. I'm really hoping the i or K takes a price hit. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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