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So were lift lines but they were fast. Essentially no seating at restaurants from , but hey- Are you skiing or snacking people? We were there to ski. AND, after our 3 hour line ordeal with thousands of other skiiers, we finally got on powder and Seriously, just the best. Rent whatever you need off site or byo. Like little backpacks with bottled waters in them.

Leave in your car or stash in the lockers of ski rental place. Or throw in backpack. Blues are kind of green, and blacks are, well Everyone is there to have a good time. Send them peace and love and hit the slopes. Loved Wolf, will be back I visited Wolf Creek Ski area in December The place is fairly busy with lots of people from out of state. The area also has snowfall frequently so be careful if you are driving here as Wolf Creek Pass can be dangerous.

There are over a dozen slopes to ski from and a few lifts. Some of the lifts are updated while some others are older and slower. The slopes themselves seems a little bit bumpy I have been to other ski resorts and they didn't have the same problem. It was fairly difficult to turn even at a blue square slope. I'd say the difficulty is higher here than at other places. A lot of the cafeteria only takes cash even at the base camp which seems strange to me. They also close at 4pm. The lifts prevent people from going up at 4 pm sharp.

And the half day pass only starts at If you are not enjoying the hot springs in town and only here to ski, then I suggest going to Purgatory near Durango instead. The snow here is by far the best in Colorado. But sadly the groomed slopes are pretty non existent and the boarders are scary. Food service is very good and not too pricey. This mountain has something for everyone.

First and foremost, they have snow and lots of it. The drive up from Pagosa can be a bit of a challenge and stressful, but only take a 4WD, keep it in 2nd and above all just take your time. The snowy weather you will encounter from time to time will be well rewarded when you hit the slopes. Lift lines were nothing and we were there over Christmas, They have some of the most comfortable and fastests lifts I have ever been on.

The slopes are long with something for every skill level. The staff was always great, especially "our" guy on the Ski rental; shop.

The food better than average, with large portions and more than fair pricing for a Ski Resort. Cheap Lift tickets and rental charges allowed us to stay and ski for 10 days.

Great skiing but not built for large... - Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Being the closest Colorado resort area with snow to central Texas, where we are from, this is our go to place from now. If you want to experience excellent skiing with out the lines, hassles and fluff.

Snow Report

We love to ski and were here to only ski. The instructors said that one neat improvement is in the works for new skiiers. They are adding another Magic Carpet for adults. That will make this really a premier destination for families with novice skiiers.

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I agree this place feels family run - I am not sure if that is the case. I would highly recommend Wolf Creek for a low-key family experience. Wolf Creek touts having the most snow in Colorado - and it seems they are correct. Our family came to ski Wolf Creek over Christmas.

Lift Tickets

A local said it was "really busy," but we did not sense it was overcrowded. We virtually never waited in any lift line. The only challenge was lunch - the facilities cannot accommodate those kinds of crowds very well. We haven't skied here in 10 years, didn't think the trails were marked well then and it hasnt improved in 10 years! It snows a lot here, so I am sure it is hard to keep the trails groomed because of it, but the unpacked snow turns even the easy trails to hard ones.

I don't ski much past green trails, and there is very few easy offerings here, so it is not a good beginner mountain. I prefer Durango, Angel. Fire, or Sante Fe. For the more expert skiers that don't really care what level of trail they are on, this is probably great for them.

Lift tickets at Wolf Creek - Pagosa Springs Forum - TripAdvisor

It can also be a challenge to drive to and from to the ski area from town on a snowy day. We come to the area to ski at Wolf Creek. The lifts and trails are great and they have a wonderful kids school. Our daughter has attended a few times and this time is a hot shot. She loved the pins she got for doing well. The pins to go on the jacket are a nice quality pin. She can do a ton of the runs now. She thinks she is hot stuff for out skiing daddy on one run where he fell and she didn't. They had a great time despite the dumping snow! Their fingers were a little chilly, but they had a great time and the ski instructors were excellent and incredibly patient.

The mountain has a ton of great slopes for more experienced skiers. The day we went, the lift lines were short due to the snow storm I'm guessing. I really wish the lodge had a fireplace! Crazy it hasn't really changed since I learned to ski at Wolf Creek over 30 years ago! Highly recommend skiing here. Don't recommend if you have to have a really nice lodge and dining options.

Not what Wolf Creek is known for.