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I get lulled to sleep w endless REI email parade of minor sales. I wish I had access to the friends and family sale today! Sigh thanks for the updates! I archive all my email too and have never received an email about REI's friends and family discount. I wonder if it's a regional thing? Yes that's exactly right; employees share cards with one-time-use coupon codes for that sale.

It's certainly good to know people! Thanks, this is really useful! I recently got myself a membership and have been waiting for that first coupon. Good to have a general idea of when they come out! Just a heads up, one of the seasonal employees here in Atlanta said they've been briefed on some coupons and sales coming up soon.

I tried to get more details to no avail. I'm guessing we should know something before the month is up. Or maybe they have something new up their sleeves! Thanks for the analysis! Now if you can add a chart on Backcountry.

REI Coupons & Promo Codes

That's a great idea! I'll see what I can do; thanks! If you already have any info on backcountry sales or promotions, feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form on the right side of this blog! Lots of deals on snow gear including Arcteryx and Patagonia. In case you need multiple expensive things! I noticed this too! Looks like they're trying to compete which is good for those looking to buy! Thanks for the info! Used this coupon for a winter helmet for biking and am going to wait for a new road bike helmet 'till spring and see what is around then since it won't be getting any use for the next few months.

REI Promo Codes & Coupons

Thanks for all the great info! I'm looking at a bike, but would have to have it shipped to a store I live in Little Rock. Anyone know if REI honors sale prices early in store? Friends and Family is the best. Oddly it can be difficult to give them away as an employee and the employee might appreciate your offer.

If the first employee refuses then try another. Have these already gone out? I have not received anything. Looking to buy two new bikes. Hi Laura, the friends and family discount comes in one-time-use codes that you get directly from an employee.

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Time to get friendly and buy a 6-pack or something! Mike, I'm not currently a member - do you know if I would have to be signed up to receive the upcoming member coupon, or could I sign up once it goes out and still receive it? I've never done one of these sales before and am wondering how it works. I'm really only looking for one item and don't want to sign up for a membership until I know for sure a coupon is going out It's just a generic coupon code and you can sign up to be a member during the sale, so you can just monitor this site for the sale dates and make a decision then.

Pretty sure I know the answer but just want to confirm - the dates you have listed, they are the beginning of the sale?

Those are the historical start dates of the sales. Most of the big ones last just over a week, covering a weekend at the start and finish. Thanks for collecting, compiling, and sharing your data! Yeah odd it's not in the mailer but the rumor I heard is that it will come separately for the end of March! Hello Mike, This is valuable! Thanks for sharing the historical dates. Any chance you logged similar historical information for Patagonia. Thanks for posting this! I need some camping pads and they apparently always sell at retail so I wanted to know wait for the next REI coupon to arrive.

Now I know to wait until mid-November. The people want to know! If you're in the market for something substantial like a backpack or tent, shopping at REI during the sales is key. I get most of my stuff especially bike lights and accessories at the member garage sales, but sometimes you need a specific item or size or used won't cut it. Like those other people on the internet, I've searched for the timing of these sales and didn't find anything satisfactory besides vague anecdotes.

I guess I'll have to figure it out myself! My wife had an excellent data resource available—a gmail account just for promo emails where she uses the archive button, not delete. A simple search for "REI" provided me with a mountain of data, which I present here for your shopping ninjafication.

A Note on Affiliate Links

Each sale has an associated promo code that they make very clear when shopping, but I am unaware of any separate secret promo codes. Please consider using my link to REI. Don't want to wait for the next sale? Click to open site. Ends in 2 weeks.

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    70% Off REI Coupons & Promo Codes [February ]

    Posted by Gloria November 27, Posted by Aaron December 3, 5: At the heart of all REI sells is getting outside and having fun. Of course, REI primarily sells products to help its customers stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Are you a fan of the special REI-branded gear and clothing? Maybe you prefer to stick with featured brands like The North Face or Coleman?

    You can find whatever it is you need to venture out into nature through this specialty retailer. The best place to connect with REI online is the company Facebook page. The brand encourages customers to share images from their camping trips and outdoor adventures. You can connect with REI just by tagging the brand in your photos.

    REI Shopping Guide

    Head over to the designated REI help page online. You can reach representatives by:. Reaching out via phone or live chat right on the REI website provide the fastest replies.

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    • Typically, REI customers receive their purchases online via standard shipping. This method gets your order to you within four to seven business days including any necessary processing time at the REI warehouse.