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And so it is crucial to choose a straightforward device such as the Nikon Coolshot 40i, and this is more so if you are a newbie.

Best Laser Rangefinders - Find the right model for you

When shopping for anything, it is always important to consider your budget, and so the rangefinder is not an exception. There are several options to choose from and different brands available, and you can be confident of finding something that you can afford. It is a very efficient device that will give you accurate measurements for up to yards.

Every informed golfer knows the importance of reading customer reviews when shopping for anything.

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These customer reviews enable you to get a firsthand account on what other players have to say about a rangefinder before buying one. You can find reviews on reputable online retail sites such as amazon. By reading them, you will know everything you want about any device, and you also get to compare them. A rangefinder with a slope mode provides distances that are more accurate, and it will come in handy for club selection and when you are trying to improve your game. It is an excellent choice when practicing, but you cannot use it for most tournaments.

If you are playing or planning to feature in the USGA or PGA , you do not need a rangefinder with a slope mode because the rules and regulations of these tournaments do not allow players to use them. However, if the device that you are using allows you to switch off the slope mode, it can still be okay to have when playing at the professional level. If you are planning to buy a golf range finder then it is very important to avoid following mistakes:. Most of the people lack the research ability while buying the golf range finder.

They are unaware of the price, qualities, features and the best models available in the market. So they go for an option that is not correct. That can lead you to buy a poor and inefficient range finder. So it is very important to do a proper research to buy the best rangefinder for the money. Most of the people neglect the reviews of the other people as if they are wrong. It is very important to check the reviews of the authentic sites where experienced people have shared their views about the golf range finder. But if you will not consult the reviews of the experienced people then it will lead to you to buy an erroneous product.

If you neglect the type of the range finder then it will create a problem for you. Like the tournament legal range finders are specified for the tournaments and you cannot use the other range finders for that purpose. You cannot also use the slope edition range finders for the tournaments and professional playing. It is also very important to buy a range finder with a perfect brand. If you go for those brands that are unauthentic, then you will get the poor quality product. So it is better to buy a golf range finder of a reputable company. Nikon is considered one of the most leading brands of the optics.

That is user-friendly with its compact body and speed as it gives the quick distance measurements. In short, laser rangefinders are the best thing to playing the golf game precisely and without disturbance. These range finders will make it easy to play the game by measuring the distance, detecting climatic conditions and elevations. It is ideal to use the range finders with all these extra features to practice and learn the game. But if you are a professional player, then it is better to follow the rules of the game. Editor rating: Max range: Via https: Cons Relatively short range Plastic case feels a little cheaply made.

Cons The 5X magnification is still not the best. Slope feature is not legal for some tournaments. It needs some steady hands to work well. The battery can be quite hard to insert. Cons The price will be on the higher end for many golfers. Some of the features will take long to get used to, and beginners might also fuind some of the data complicated.

Cons It does not have other features like slope measurement that you can get on other high-end Nikon rangefinders. Many golfers would prefer something bulkier as it feels more stable on the hand. Advantages This device is very simple to setup and operate. It comes with a few well-labeled buttons, and so any golfer should quickly figure them out. The readings are easy to see and read thanks to the large and bright LCD screen that also has a backlight feature. This device is very light and hence easy to walk around with during a game.

This is a significant advantage for many golfers because it means that they can use it anytime they want even when playing during severe weather conditions. Disadvantages The readings keep on fluctuating , and the golfer will only get an accurate reading if they give the device some time to pinpoint their location. However, some GPS systems use modern technology to solve this problem. This device does not give scoring and statistics and so besides from yardage a golfer will not benefit from any other reliable information.

Due to this, they might be forced to buy a different device like a GPS watch if they want additional info. Advantages The best golf GPS watch is light and comfortable on the wrist , and you would hardly notice it is there. This device also has a long battery life. If you buy one from a reputable manufacturer, you will never have to worry about it running out of charge in the middle of a game. It is also very fashionable, and it has all the basic watch functions, and so you can use it as a standard watch besides from using it for golfing.

Some GPS watches can also be used to record statistics scores and other valuable information to help a player improve his game. Disadvantage Due to the convenience offered by this device, they are quite expensive and so you should be prepared to part with a significant amount of money to get one. The screen stains easily if you do not take good care of the watch. Golf Laser Rangefinder These devices use a laser beam to determine the distance to an object. Advantages The primary benefit of the Laser Rangefinder is that it is very accurate. In fact, many golfers find it more accurate than most GPS devices.

They come with thousands or readily installed courses, and so there will not be a need to download courses. With this device, there are no continual subscriptions needed and hence making sure that you will not spend more than the purchase price of the device. Allows you to readily find the distance on any target as it is very flexible.

It is hard to get readings under certain conditions for example during foggy days and on frosted surfaces. Things to consider to buying Mistakes to avoid while buying. Things to Consider to Buy a Golf Rangefinder Features Features are the most important things to consider when shopping for a rangefinder as they are what determine the value that it will offer you. Maximum Distance Range Knowing the maximum distance that a device can measure is also vital for a golfer as this determines how beneficial it will be for him or her.

New Clubs For Putters Wedges. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid Putter. Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid. Bushnell Golf Clubs. This is a great feature because when lighting conditions change users can change the display color to an option that is most visible to them. This is now a standard Bushnell feature and has been in the last 4 models or so.

Professional players and amateurs who compete in USGA and big amateur events also benefit greatly from slope compensation technology. Having the ability to use these slope calculating rangefinders in practice rounds allows players to make accurate notes in their yardage books that they can reference during the course of their tournaments. About 3 years ago Bushnell introduced a model where an attachment at the front of the rangefinder could be switched out to either have, or not have slope compensation technology.

With slope switch technology it only requires the flick of a switch to move between the two modes, which makes it a very quick and user-friendly experience. The Pro X2 is a very user friendly rangefinder, its shape allows for a comfortable grip, the rubber casing offers protection against falls and bumps and it is waterproof thus it can be used in any weather conditions. Two different display color options ensure that options are available to provide maximum visibility in different lighting conditions.

Slope switch technology is available at the flip of a switch, there is no need to change attachments, this yet again adds to a friendlier user experience. Having slope compensation technology available as well adds another dimension to ensure accuracy when obtaining a distance. Bushnell offers a trade up program, which means that users can trade in older models for newer models.

The Pro X2 also comes with a 2 year warranty after the date of purchase. Having the slope switch technology offers great flexibility to players who play competitive golf, slope compensation can be used during practice rounds, and then by a simple switch of a button it is legal to use in events where distance measuring devices are allowed. In all, the Pro X2 is accurate, packed with technology, lightweight to carry around in your golf bag and a product that will last a very long time. We chose it as our Best Bolf Rangefinder of They also improved the pin seeker speed and the slope compensation mechanism.

The Tour V4 Shift introduces a new way to toggle the slope compensation on and off. This helps tour officials to be able to tell if a player is using their slope-enabled rangefinder illegally. The problem is that you effectively have 2 parts to deal with. Same result, but in one piece instead of two.

Be sure to check out the video below from Bushnell: The Tour V4 is very simple to use. Next, aim at your target and press the primary button and hold it until you see the distance reading in the lens. After you release the fire button, the unit will automatically turn back off after 30 seconds.

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If you have trouble locking in on the target while shooting the laser after 10 seconds, just release the button and try again. When the the unit notices multiple potential targets in the crosshair area, it will show an icon with a circled flag in the lower left corner. When you see this icon, the distance reading is to the object closer to you. The problem is your uphill shot will travel shorter than one at a level target because the ball has less time to travel to the target before it hits the ground. The Slope feature figures out how much uphill or downhill your shot is and crunches the numbers to calculate the real distance to your target.

Who really wants to do geometry on the course anyway? Pretty cool. The manual recommends that you change the battery once every 12 months. I keep a spare in my golf bag just in case. It has some nice upgrades from the V3 model our prior Best Value pick , particularly fitting in your palm and using a slope switch instead of a faceplate.

Laser rangefinders are a quick way to shave a few strokes off of your game and to give you a bit more confidence while out on the the course. The NX7 laser rangefinder is a newcomer to the market that scores well on all of these points and is priced well below its competition. Check the Price on Amazon. The Precision Pro NX7 is as accurate as any of the best golf laser rangefinders on the market today. We have no idea why you would, but the NX7 has your back. To lock onto a target with the NX7 you simply push a button on the top of the device.

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A circle with crosshairs will appear. After placing this on the desired target, you hit the button again. The crosshairs will blink until the yardage is found and displayed. The NXY is easy to use and provides you with exactly what you need without any gimmicks. This laser rangefinder can pick up targets that are up to yards away.

This can lead to wayward shots that overshoot the green. You might not think that fast speeds with a laser rangefinder are important. But there are few things more frustrating than a slow golfer. Some laser rangefinders take forever to lock onto their target and provide you with an accurate and reliable yardage. The Precision Pro NX7 provides you with a yardage reading in less than a second after locking on to your intended target.

Bushnell Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder Review! Should You Buy?

The NX7 golf laser rangefinder provides you with a great view of your intended target. The zoom on the rangefinder is 6x which is more zoom than some of the other best golf laser rangefinders on the market. This gives you a clear view of your target from far distances and allows you to better lock the crosshairs on the flag pin or other target.

The Precision Pro NX7 allows you to easily switch how you measure the distance to the intended target. However, those of you who are abroad will likely want to measure distances in meters. With one push of a button you can measure in either yards or meters and all of this is completely tournament legal. There are a bunch of little a aspects of this laser rangefinder that are worth mentioning.

Sometimes the details are as important as the big picture items that we all like to focus on. Here are some of the other perks of this rangefinder that are fairly self explanatory. For those of you looking for a bit more technology in a golf laser rangefinder, Precision Pro also offers the NX7 Pro with slope technology. The NX7 pro differs from the NX7 by providing the yardage to a hole with elevation taken into consideration. This can be incredibly helpful on course that have large elevation changes or courses that you are playing for the first time.

With slope technology engaged, the NX7 pro will tell you the actual yardage to the flag pin and the distance with elevation taken into account. This added benefit is not tournament legal but can easily be turned off for tournament play. The NX7 Pro also features the pulse vibration technology that lets you know when you are locked onto your target. This is great for checking the yardage on a target when there are other objects in the background or the foreground. The Precision Pro NXT golf laser rangefinder provides you with everything that you need to lower your scores.

Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder

It easily competes with the best golf laser rangefinders on the market at a fraction of the price. There are no real drawbacks to this device, but there is plenty of upside. As we note earlier, this is the best golf laser rangefinder for the money. The VPRO, from a relatively new name in the rangefinder world, boasts a 6x magnification, realistic yard range and a really tempting price. This unit is quite a bit heavier than the comparable-in-size Bushnell V3 both still under 1lb. Some specs have the V3 beat magnification, comparable range, accuracy , however there seems to be a few more reports of defects on this unit.

The Vpro feels sturdy, gets the job done and makes for a great entry rangefinder for golfers relying on eyes or GPS units. TecTecTec is not a name many are familiar with in the golf world or otherwise. The VPRO is a light, compact rangefinder with a 6x magnification, decent pin sensor and good hard case. The lens is large and provides a clear view to your target to take a measurement. Using the case is the safer choice, of course. As a combo product, the tech is truly on the cutting edge.

With the laser, you get a display that provides information on what you can see on the course. Basically, the laser function lets you identify exact points on the course. Such as, the flag. Ordinarily, laser finders just hit you with the distance that you are locked in on. Still good information, but not as comprehensive as you might want.

But the Bushnell Hybrid gives you exact information on the distances you need to know: Distance to the pin. Distance to the front. Distance to the back.

Bushnell Golf

Everything you need. The GPS is what gives you the extra information. The extra data points basically put a caddy in your pocket. Or the brain of a caddy…Forget the imagery, and just enjoy tour quality information. And there is lots and lots more. You get the Bushnell GPS app, for a more defined display on your phone. A huge database of 36, courses, for coverage wherever you play. A durable, water-resistant exterior…. The pin seeker jolt has an almost alarming name, right? The only purpose of the pin seeker jolt feature is to help you identify the pin.

When the laser does find the pin, the finder will vibrate to let you know that you have hit your target. Without the vibration, it can be hard to tell if you are actually hitting the pin, or if you are getting the distance to a tree behind the green, not the ideal target. The combination is exactly as potent as it sounds.

A traditional rangefinder uses laser technology to pinpoint a precise point on the golf course. It gives you very specific, very precise information on a fixed point. Golf GPSs are a little bit broader in their data. They might tell you general information, like how far you have to the back of the green or how far to the front. They might even include information on where specific hazards are. The combination element essentially closes the gap and eliminates the weaknesses of each product.

So, if this has a built-in GPS, why the app? It is true that the GPS will supply you with basic data that is presented on the finder itself. A small LED screen provides info on the distance to the front and back of the green. But GPSs can do so much more than that, and the body of the rangefinder can be a little bit restrictive. The app provides you with a display that gives data on the entire hole. You see the hazards, get an overview, and enjoy a display that is larger and more clearly defined.

As an added bonus the app comes for free. This is golf we are talking about here after all. A game where everything comes with a big price tag. If so, oh my gosh! Thanks so much for stopping by. Well, you know, so to speak. The Bushnell Hybrid is legal for tournament play, which means you can use it every time that you play.

The Bushnell Hybrid is shaped to the human hand which means that it will feel very natural to use.