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Thanks to some sour grapes in the consumer bunch and to the millions in lost sales due to the recession, manufacturers have added substantially to the fine print in coupons. There is so much legalese on these little pieces of paper now that one must wonder if they are buying a loaf of bread or leasing a car. Limit of one Coupon Per Purchase: This does not mean per transaction, but per item.

In other words, you may use one manufacturer coupon per product. If you have five products and five manufacturer coupons, you can use all five coupons in the same transaction. Void if Copied, Sold, Exchanged, or Transferred: It turns out that there is a lot of fraud with coupon use from consumers, cashiers, stores, and clearinghouses see below for the role of clearinghouses in all of this.

One of the ways that consumers fraudulently use coupons is by scanning them and making copies on glossy paper that look like the originals. Another question with this fine print is whether or not it is legal to sell your coupons on sites such as eBay? See below. Cash Value: It is illegal to sell something that has no cash value. So how do people and auction sites such as eBay get around this?

Clipping coupons and selling them takes time, and so people actually sell their time as a service rather than sell the actual coupons themselves. EBay coupon auction listings typically include a statement that specifies that the coupons are free and the bidder is paying the seller for the service of procuring, clipping and compiling the coupon sets.

Do Not Double: Most coupons have instructions to not allow the doubling of their coupon.

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However, if the coupon barcode begins with the number 5, and your store doubles or triples coupons, then your coupon will act accordingly. If the coupon barcode begins with the number 9, then it will not double. The rest of the information on the coupon is directions for the retailer on how to redeem the coupon for reimbursement. This will include an address, the amount of shipping and handling or processing fees they will receive, etc. See below for more information on these terms.

You need to know if this means limit of 4 identical coupons per visit, per day, per transaction, per customer, or per person. Per purchase is different from per transaction. A purchase is each product within a transaction. The transaction is everything that is on the receipt you're given in the end. So, what it means to limit one coupon per purchase is you can use one coupon per product in your entire transaction.

1. What does “Limit one coupon per purchase” mean?

It used to be that you could use one coupon per product per transaction. So if you wanted to purchase five bottles of mustard and use five coupons for mustard, this was legal. The above language will help with the situation, but the obvious legal way around it is to separate your load into separate transactions — most cash register clerks are happy to oblige but it is a hassle for consumers and creates a long line. In order to counteract this, some coupons are explicitly stating how many transactions per person are allowed with a type of coupon.

Coupons have always stated that they are not to be sold. However, sellers on eBay have gotten around this by stating that they are selling their time by clipping the coupons for you. These make me very nervous because we are all printing the exact same barcode and prints are virtually unlimited. Balance is needed when choosing how many coupons you will print. Every coupon should show some type of instructions for retailers including a redemption address. Some of the most common clauses I have explained below.

This is VERY important! It is important to educate yourself on coupon terminology so you can intelligently defend your case when redeeming coupons. Confused yet? Let me explain the difference the best I can. Now the cashier is done scanning all your items and coupons and you pay hopefully not too much! You could have just purchased items in that one transaction.

It gets even trickier! When using coupons like this it means exactly what it says. So out of everyone that lives in your home you are only allowed to use 4 of the same coupon, per day on these types of coupons. In order to comply with the wording on the coupon AND get all the bottles you planned on buying you would need to get 4 bottles of juice, checkout and pay, take those items out to your vehicle and then go BACK in the store with an empty cart and go get your other 3 bottles of juice.

Be sure you are also complying with store policy regarding multiple transactions as well. Some do not allow it. Some let you go nuts! The manufacturers put the DND clause on the coupon simply to reiterate that they are responsible ONLY for the face value of the coupon. I contacted a few companies who often place this stipulation their coupons to get a better understanding of why they do this and here is one reply I received from Pom Wonderful:.

How To Read Coupons ~ Understanding the Wording and Anatomy

Now that you have all of coupon lingo down, tomorrow we will talk about where to get all of those coupons! Thanks for that post. I have been using coupons for quite a while and there was some very useful information in that! Perfect Katie!!! I really appreciate you doing it the right way and teaching others to do the same. I learned something about DND too: Lately, I feel like a thief when I use coupons at Kroger. I just tried to use the ice cream coupons, i. Clerk couldn't scan and told me I couldn't use because they had redeemable at Walmart.

I explained maybe not so nicely because it is always something and she had to ask two other people and finally she was told to take them. Never know what price is counted when buying items-before mega or after mega. As this was the 2nd time I thought I had bought items and tried to use this this coupon, felt I had already bought double the items for the coupons.

I make sure to count my coupons and keep track because quite often one or more of my coupons are missed.

Do you have any other questions on how to read coupons?

Anyone else about to give up on Kroger???? I feel better-just had to vent!!!!! I tried explaining to her that everything I was purchasing was one transaction and that the coupons were all valid. She refused to budge and I ended up only being able to get one of the items Wonderful post! I will keep reading. I have been couponing for 2 years plus now. I found the DND statement very interesting. I am about to give up, I went there yesterday to get the Nutella deal, so I got it and handed the 4 coupons to the cashier and she wont take it she said it says there limit 1 per purchased and I can only use one so I voided it.

There are some basic parts to a coupon to be aware of:.

Coupon Fine Print

This lets you know how much time the manufacturer or store is giving you to use your coupon. A coupon may be used until Most stores require manufacturer coupons to have a barcode and an expiration date in order to be valid. Do not cut the expiration date off the coupon! The value of the coupon tells you how much your coupon is worth.

Others will hold special dates where they may double or triple certain coupon values. When teaching people how to read coupons, I really tell people to just forget about the picture. The wording is the most important and most reliable source for that. The picture is generally going to show you what they want you to buy, such as a more expensive product in their brand. The wording is going to let you know exactly which items the coupon may be used for. A more specific item coupon may show the specific item but in many cases there would be too many options to show.

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In the case above, you do not need to buy the Cascade Platinum that is pictured. The picture can be considered a tool but is not what you want to base your purchase on.

What does it mean when a coupon says limit of 4 like coupons per household per day? | Yahoo Answers

This is one of the key sections in learning how to read coupons! To purchase anything other that what is covered in the wording would be misusing the coupon. You many not use a second manufacturer coupon on any of the items mentioned on the first coupon. This is a very important part in knowing how to read coupons!

This is where the manufacturer lets you know what is specifically excluded using their coupon. This could be size restrictions, type, or anything else the manufacturer has decided they do not want their coupon discount used for. In this case the coupon specifically excludes trial and travel sized packages. It could have very easily excluded a particular type of item ie: Not all coupons have exclusions so please read your coupons to make sure you are following the wording. In the fine print on the coupon sometimes very tiny print there may be usage limits for the consumer.

Many times you will find a combination of these per terms. These can get a little confusing sometimes with the variations.

What Does Limit One Coupon Per Customer Mean?

Here are some of the common terms you will see and a clarification of what they mean. Each item you buy is considered a purchase. The statement one per purchase is standard on many coupons and is the most widely used. A transaction is everything you pay for on one receipt. If you check out and then realize you forgot milk and go back through the checkout, that is another transaction.

Additional transactions in a row in order to use more coupons, however, are not always welcomed by the stores.