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The goal had been to create an annual destination race that would attract runners from across the nation. Since March of , there have been multiple changes in city administration and in the CVB Convention and Visitors Bureau board and staff. Naturally, changes in staff often results in changes in priorities. It became apparent last January, that the goals and objectives of the current CVB staff and board are different than those of their predecessors. This past Tuesday I was notified by the CVB that the city would be opening a RFP request for proposal for a half-marathon event in , and that I was welcome to submit a proposal once it is released later this month.

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I have declined to submit a proposal. I am also appreciative of the opportunity and funding the city afforded us these past three years. However, the event is not currently financially viable for us to produce without the financial and logistical support of the city. Additionally, we will not be submitting a proposal for the following reasons: They typically begin to grow in the 4th and 5th years as previous runners begin to return.

If the city will be seeking bids each year, no one will have the opportunity to grow an event into maturity. I want to personally thank all of you who participated and supported the South Padre Marathon. Thank you for sharing this journey with us, I wish the finish line had not come so quickly. Aaron was born with a serious heart condition CHD-congenital heart defect , and asthma. Welcome to January, the most American month of the year! Sure, we love July with the hot dogs, beer, music and fireworks.

We also love November and the turkey, pecan pie, beer and football. December, you might say is the most American month of all, it has food, beer, fireworks, music, football and maxed out […]. Summer temperatures can be harsh and practically unbearable. In the mean time, you will be training this summer! This includes any question that could easily be answered with 'Yes' and 'No' responses.

Race reports. Weekly Threads. Keep it civil and do not make threats or use excessive foul language. Harassment, trolling, and hate speech will not be tolerated. The moderation team reserves the right to remove content or restrict user posting privileges as necessary. This includes giveaways, charity events, and promotional discounts. You can buy an ad from reddit.

Also, if your username is the name of your product there is a good chance you will be banned. Please do not post elite race results in the title of posts. This includes the announcing of world records in titles. This means letting readers know roughly what your post will be about before they click. Question is not a good title for a post. Neither is Help needed. Do not use excessive emoji characters in the titles of posts. Submission of content focused on ousting cheaters will be removed at the moderation team's discretion. This includes 'Has anyone else experienced this injury?

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Please keep all submission titles brief. Visit all of our recurring threads. Daily, weekly, monthly, there are a lot to pick from. If you're looking for a more specific place to ask a question, have a more in depth conversation or simply need to get something off your chest, then check out some of the most active recurring threads we have! There's something for everyone. Daily Achievement Thread. Weekly Training Thread. Miscellaneous Monday Thread.

Li'l race Reports Thread. Run Nutrition Tuesday Thread. Midweek Check In Thread. What Are You Wearing Thread. Friday Spotlight Thread. Photo Friday Thread. A tip for anyone still trying: I would just re-type my zip code and hit "enter" again until it finally took. Not even sure if I had to re-type my zip code or not.

Thank you for this!

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Finally got it to go through once I knew I didn't need the 'place order' button to be orange. Thank you! Total time of refreshing was still about an hour just to get to the checkout though I am being told the code does not exist. Can anyone else confirm they are no longer honoring the code? I ordered one this morning but never got an email. Was trying again and got the code error.

The website seems to be crashing. You will get it. Happy hunting! Free SPIbelts for us all!!! But free order, free shipping, happy Monday! I was able to get through in about 5 minutes overall I cant even get on it now.

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Wow that's awesome! It's about 7am EST and the website is very slow to respond, must be getting hammered. It's pretty neat they have a belt specifically designed to carry an insulin pump for diabetics. This is insane! Just ordered mine. You're supposed to log on to their website and find the hidden green frog. The frog will then give you the code for the free spibelt. Very cool!

  • FREE SPI BELT (Original / Black) use code: LEAPDAY : running?
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Well, crashed the server out. Looks like they're moving it - hopefully the new location can keep up had it in the cart and it crashed out multiple times trying to "buy". I love my SPI belt, this would be an awesome backup. Server's back up and running and with a lot of patience and F5 my order has been received! Not your fault! I blame the algorithm, I was on reddit around the time you posted and never saw.

Thank you for sharing the deals though.

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  5. At this point I just want to move beyond entering the code in the cart. There will be much rejoicing once it works.

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    However I fear refreashing will never end. I had two FlipBelts as well but they kept getting loose as I lost weight. I liked it until my phone kept getting drenched with sweat.

    I leave my phone at home now. I just don't like carrying my Galaxy S5 around when I run anymore. I stopped listening to music and focus mostly on my breath and surroundings. If I go out for a solo long run especially on trail I'll take my phone with me. My wife likes me having the phone for those runs. I don't take a lot with me, though - hope you enjoy your SPI as much as I enjoy mine! Good deal.

    I got one for free from a race expo. I love it, use it every run and I can't even tell it's there.

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    Had to fight the website but I got one. This is perfect timing - now that it's warming up and I'm not wearing my jacket I'm running with no pockets for stuff anymore. Did you use a different color? I got that error if I tried the blue color. Got through and got the confirmation email!

    Thanks so much! Hope I like running with it. What do you generally put in there? Just a phone? I use mine for ipod, car key, gels on longer runs. It's great for when I don't have any pockets in my running clothes, which is almost always especially in the summer. Oh awesome, I have my first half in a few weeks so hopefully it'll come in by that time so I can use it for some gels. I'm getting a "coupon usage limit has been reached" message. I guess the deal is over. Just subscribed to this sub and this was the first post I saw. I bought one years back but can't find it, so this is very nice: Just started running again 6 weeks ago.

    I lost my SPI belt which i thought was basically perfect for holding my phone etc for running. Replaced it with a similar Nike belt, but its not as good. But not so bad as to warrant paying to replace it. Just keep refreshing. Got mine too! Took a lot of refreshing and was a bit frustrating but hey, free stuff!

    Thanks for letting everyone know! Dang, how long did it take you. I'm close to 30 mins now. I have the item in my cart, but every time I enter the code the site crashes. I'd say less than 10 minutes in the end.