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Although negative experiences with local taxi always grab the attention of the public, and although the number of complaints lodged against local cab companies is rather high, it is important to remember that not all cab drivers, nor all dispatchers are to be seen under the same light. There are terrible cab drivers out there — this has become obvious — however there are many, many wonderful taxi drivers and dispatchers out there as well. I guess when your not allowed to travel outside of Edmonton due to your parole you never experienced real rude taxi drivers in LA, Paris or nyc which makes his story look just pathetically small town riduculous.

About four months ago I was with a client in a cab going from downtown Edmonton to St. Albert to a group home. The Islamic cab driver had gotten quite rude after I called him on taking me the long way around, which he really did do. In an angry tone he aked if I would like to be dropoed off on a very busy St.

I said yes. Luckily I opened my door before he tried to lock us in. I would not allow the likes of this mere male to intimidate me. I called Co Op taxi dispatch and complained. I will never ever use them again. What does religion have to with behaviour? I was at a restaurant and the server was absolutely horrible and rude. Has no relation to her religion. I would like to point out that cabs are not cop cars. You cant be locked in, and if the cab was rigged that way it shouldve been reported to the police.

Also, his religion has nothing to do with anything nor is it relevant to him being an asshole. Anybody can be an asshole, any color any religion. You are the asshole right now sheryl. Islam is not a race…but that being said…the co-op cab drivers have really got bad over the years…rude..

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Wow ignorance at its finest. Jodi rewrote this article in a hurry after accidentally deleting the first one. Maybe I am wrong! Their drivers are the rudest drivers in Edmonton! They yell at you and wave their hands at you like a raving lunatic if you tell them NOT to block crosswalks! Worked for them in the past. Most shady company ever.

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Not going to into detail but I will never use them if I need a taxi. Their drivers are the worst, rude and ignorant. I hope they do finally get shut down. They should have years ago. When they got to the parking lot, the cab driver reversed the cab without looking at s high rate of speed and backed into a light post, severely damaging his cab and injuring my family member as a result.

When they got out of the cab to inspect the damage, he asked the passenger to lie about what happened; to say someone else hit them and ran off. After providing my family member, as well as security with a fake name, he tried to lie about what happened. He then tried to coerce the passenger into lieing for him. She went inside the place of business and wanted no further contact with the operator of the cab. He proceeded to call her cell phone upwards of 10 times, and when she answered he would just listen and not talk. He then walked inside the building and was seen pacing back and forth as of looking for someone.

He then texted her phone repeatedly saying he was going to drive her home, and they needed to discuss something. He was waiting for over 2 hours outside, stalking her. Other patrons and staff inside the building could see what was transpiring, and offered to take her outside to safety and arrange for a ride home for her. I believe she still has screen shots of his phone calls and text messages, as well as security footage of the accident and his stalking.

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Thanks for sharing your story. Wow I sure hope someone deals with the guy! That is so messed up!! Only been in Edmonton for 3 years. Quite a small environment i involve in, home-work-community. Seen too many as well that treat people with utmost animosity for no reason at all most likely for apparent reason as color of the skin or accent. I guess what goes around comes around. We all need a little kindness towards each other i think. I once called Co Op and they gave me a quote for my cab fare. Anyways I was with a friend and I told him I was given a quote. So from the old Molson House st ave to ave 93st, the driver tried convincing me, not my friend, that he should be compensated for losing money.

I called the dispatch to complain while still in the cab. I tried talking to the manager and the driver supervisor and no one would call me back. They ended up black listing me and never dealt with their driver stealing my money. Either way I tossed him a 20 and got the hell out of there 2 blocks from my house because I got too scared we were gunna crash l will never use their service again … Even still when I see one narrowly miss another vehicle I remember my ride from hell. I never use Co-Op for the overall experience of not being treated very nicely.

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They have no issue lying to you or fucking you over to get more money. Taking me the long way? Ive even had cab drivers intentionally drive in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go — at that point I get out and either walk, call a friend, take the bus, or call another cab and call to complain. That may be. It still makes a person wonder who is being honest. The people or the driver and company. I contacted capital about it and I never even heard back. Uber all the way! Just so people know Tappcar is just yellow cab trying to fake out people.

From long way around rides I paid him the amount it cost me to make the trip before , to threatening to kick me out for arguing about trying to go long way around I called dispatch to complain, he shut his mouth , to one almost hitting me while I was walking while he was backing up, to getting mad because they took too long to arrive so I jumped in another cab, to having one get pulled over for speeding in a school zone right after I told him to slow down due to the school zone, to getting t-boned by one who ran a red light.

I generally hate cabbies. All the companies suck. Co-op just happens to be the worst of the bunch. I would rather walk anywhere than take a co-op taxi. Their drivers are so ignorant and rude. He then began to tailgate me and honk his horn.

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I pulled over and told him I was calling the police. Got out of my car so I could get his taxi number and license plate. He then said he was calling the police. I said good so am I. The police told me to call co-op and speak to a manager. Needless to say the manager seemed apologetic and told me the situation would be dealt with and he would call me. Told me the same cab drive has had 2 complaints in the last week. He called me from his cell swearing and yelling because he thought I lied about my address. When my friend and I walked to the main road to meet him.

We watched him drive off like a dick. This company needs to be pushed out of edmonton! Tried and convicted, with one side of the story, in the Court of Public Opinion. I agree I have heard many horror stories about customers getting sick, running on fares, stealing the drivers property, harming the driver, being racist the list goes on and on. Ellen Hancock You did hon. Someone whose opinion differs from yours? If you call the cab company and complain they say they will call you back and never do.

One of the reasons the cab companies have such bad raps. Some drivers are very courteous and others are down right rude and scum. I too have had co-op cab refuse me a few times: Don't use this service!!!

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Totally unprofessional and unreliable!!! Co-op Taxi is an absolutely horrible taxi company in my opinion. Their drivers in the evening hours are dangerous drivers, blowing through red lights, speeding and tailgating. They are routinely rude and dismissive. I never take Co-op anymore. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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