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Com2us promotion code summoners war bealls outlet coupons in store 2018

You must be an active member since last 6 months. It is not possible to use coupons or promo codes on iOS devices. Start Summoners War and tap on the event icon in the top right corner. Click on the promo code banner at the bottom.

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Insert the promo code. Check your inbox within the game. If you do not see the item in your inbox, re-start the game. Summoners War is a free-to-play RPG game set in a fantasy land where wars have been replaced by civilized battles in arenas. Defeating other summoners in combat allows players to acquire crystals, materials, and more powerful monsters. Players can also build and expand a magical headquarters, play alone or online against strangers, or join guilds with friends.

You must be active member since last 6 months. Not valid for Samsung Galaxy S series phone. Valid for your first time purchase only. Check their deal page to know the minimum spending amount. Special Offer — No need to use any kind of discount coupons here. During the special promotional event you can purchase Gold, Crystal and other gaming stuff at discounted rate. Like many other games, Summoners also offers special offers and due that players often search for any kind working codes.

I would suggest you to please check the authentication of such site and tool before using. Sometime using them may ban your account.

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As developed prohibit the usage of any kind of online or offline tool. You need to fight with Monsters that can be range from any grande. Info Code Feedback. If you liked this bot, consider donating here.


Umm where do we redeem the code? I press the link but then it sends me to the store saying I need to download the game Plz help. Just used the Jan one on Global, rest will activate through the year, just save the pic somewhere. Go to the events tab and scroll down to redeem promo code.

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Click on that and put in the code there. Scroll all the way down until u see promo codes, enter that code tbere It just worked for me: I'm not seeing an option for promo codes on the bottom of the event screen, not in any of the little sections. Is that odd? I will be messaging you on Parent commenter can delete this message to hide from others. I'm getting a maximum coupon reached error but I haven't used any other codes. Anyone know what to do?

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I am already running the latest Android OS and latest version of the game. Well all the links work but you have to wait till February till the February link will be active and you have to wait till March before the March link is active etc I'm playing on my kindle but it keeps telling me the game is not installed and it is any suggestions? U will get the code only for january now. So number one. Next month the next code for february etc. It worked for me. But just after I copied the code and pasted it into Google.

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