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My credit card, to which Primus, directly debited the monthly payment was compromised. Without notification, they applied interest even though I contacted them the day after the Bank concerned notified. All other businesses understood and reversed interest charges. I cancelled Primus in late November and was told of a final billing that never came. Today, a bill, dated February 6 with 3 months interest arrives.

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Of course, no records of any of this exists. Wretched customer service. Nickeling and diming customers earns you a reputation, and a very poor one. Lars Toronto.

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Details Advertised vs Delivered. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy.

I didn't like Customer service. They came and hooked this up today. I am guessing my landlord decided to save money and got Primus. Not remotely acceptable. The guy who hooked up the modem didnt even test anything.

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Just plugged it in, saw the green light and whoosh out the door. We are going to see if its shoddy equipment or if this is the norm. From the reviews I have seen this evening, I guess its more of a scam and landlord is probably SOL with a 2 yr contract. Its not even on the same plane of existence.

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Of course the little price says "up to" before the large mbps. Shame on you Primus.

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Employees are clueless and unhelpful and appointments are really just empty promises. Going on 3 weeks without phone service! Details Coverage Area. Vancouver , British Columbia. Product Primus Canada Phone Service. Anonymous Russell laba Jan 08 Primus just lies lies lies lies. Comment 1 comment. This is the worst internet provider I had to deal with The modem smart rg that I bought from them has continusly connection issues..

Montreal , Quebec. I liked Price for the service. I didn't like Complete inability to resolve Customer service is a nightmare Tech support. Primus Canada - Not good now Dec 27, Prosecco sparkling wine … [Read more Costco delivers yet again with this authentic grand cru Champagne at an unheard of price, the Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut. A … [Read more The Michael David Winery … [Read more Confirmation will be sent via email before your subscription can become active so be sure to click the link!

Photo Credit: Featured Articles. Not secure. Great pay, but lack job security. High turn over because company is not doing well. Also, they will give you work to do that previous employee they laid off was getting pai double than you. Enjoyable work place with hardworking dedicated employees. Enjoyable work place, with hardworking dedicated employees. I have learned so much in my 15 years here at Primus. I thoroughly enjoy the investigative part of my job and have increased my knowledge of credit adjudication. Environnement chaleureuse et ambiance comme une famille. Une journee chez Primus n'est jamais pareil d'une journee a l'autre.

L'ambiance chez Primus est tres agreable.

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  • On a parfois l'impression que c'est comme une grosse famille et lorsqu'on a de bons resultats on est recompenser, ex: L'aspect le plus difficile de ce poste est de parler pour 7 heures par jour au telephone et parfois faire face a des clients en colere lors de situations de crises. Les patrons sont gentils et ils sont egalement flexible ce qui est bien. Ils sont ausi excellent pour ce qui est de l'entrainement.

    On a jamais l'impression d'etre seul. Within this job I learned a lot of communication skills the job was customer service taking and making calls to customers, answering billing questions to applying credit or adjustments, and general questions regarding there account or accounts. Loved working at primus as it has great benefits and a good salary but at the end of the day I was stressed due to the negativity of this job.

    [Primus][Costco]Fibre Internet 25Mb/10UP $41/month 2Yr term - ynizuxalen.tk Forums

    Apprendre pour moi est toujours bienvenue. Lots of room to grow within the company, great management teams. Everyday was something new. Daily new Special pricing requests from the corporate sales teams kept me on my toes. I learned to handle multiple tasks and prioritize work in a fast paced environment. The hardest part of my job was was to find and contact outside suppliers to confirm there services. I enjoyed that everyday was something to to learn about the telecome industry.