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Good thing Mytheresa.

It is your gateway to the most elegant fashion items from topnotch designer brands, making shopping conveniently fun and manageable. Nineteen years later, the couple decided to expand into e-commerce and launched Mytheresa. Today, the brand is still headquartered in its flagship store in Munich, Germany while its online retail shop caters to millions of diverse customers from countries. The success of Mytheresa effectively adapted the legacy of competence and in-store professionalism with which its mother store, Theresa, has operated under for more than 30 years.

With more than hardworking individuals committed to giving its customers unrivaled shopping experience, Mytheresa proves to be a brand worthy of your money. Boasting a round-the-clock shopping services, all customers coming from whichever timezone can shop-til-you-drop at their own convenience.

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The delivery of the item, meanwhile, will be expected within 72 hours — now that is called fast and reliable. Got simple questions on product details or in need of professional and personalized styling tips? Mytheresa has got you covered. The site also offers exceptional customer service that answers every question with regards to style and styling emergencies for free.

In , Texas based retail giant Neiman Marcus , in a splashy bold move, acquired Mytheresa and Theresa.

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The acquisition will let the brand operate as an independent subsidiary of Neiman Marcus Group NMG in the city known for its annual Oktoberfest , Munich. Although, the brand experienced a major shakeup, the Botschens continue to be part of Mytheresa as members of its advisory board, lending their expertise in curating the most wanted fashion pieces from nothing but the best international brands. Mytheresa founders, the Botschens, bounced back into e-commerce and discovered their niche in a rather overwhelmingly crowded luxury shopping websites.

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The site is the first of its kind, dedicated only to luxury footwear. Travelers may carry on aboard the Bieber bus only one baggage that weighs no more than 25 pounds for free. Please be aware and arrive at the terminal gate at least an hour before departure, so you can take care of ticketing confirmation and baggage dispatch.

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Bus Punctuality. Since then, Bieber is providing safe and comfortable bus service for travelers. Their headquarters is located in Kutztown, a city of Pennsylvania. Bieber bus has several lines operating in the Northeast region of the United States. You can see below the most searched Bieber bus lines. For more information about these routes, like bus schedules, prices just click on it. The farther, the more expensive the journey. The Chapmans had a primary goal when they established the Matches website: When once, its services were only restricted to those who had access to its brick and mortar stores, now it can have everyone from as far as Asia and Australia enjoy the plush items the company has to offer.

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The UK remains to be among its biggest markets, but this is projected to change soon. Part of its success is the effortless way you can make your buys on the website.

All you have to do is peruse the selection, find something that piques your interest, pick your size and add it to your virtual bag. The process is repeated if there are more items to be purchased, and the checking out is seamless as well. Deliveries are available for most countries, and customer privacy is already a given. If you need to take some more time to reflect, the website also offers styling advice through MyStylist , which is available 24 hours a day.

With a few differences, this is pretty much the same way their physical stores in Marylebone, Notting Hill, and Wimbledon work, and also when the Chapmans host private shopping events at their townhouse. Back in the 80s, the Internet was still more of a concept than a reality gasp! You had to be a globetrotter, or in the know to have access to collections. But not everyone has the time, or even the means to be among the crowd. For the couple, this is what they wanted to change then and what they ought to keep now as fashion has been their life and ensuring accessibility has kept them afloat.

COM remains committed to providing quality service and making clients happy. In the online retailing world of luxury fashion, the company boasts of having among the highest retentions, and also hopes to bring more people in to shop more than once. While the times, lives, and culture may change, the company will still be there observing and then providing the needs of the times.

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