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Name required. Email will not be published required. Toggle navigation. More Coupons by Brand. No comments yet. Thanks for all the comments. I have a large beautiful male German Shepard that had what appears as a mild seizure recently and the only thing different is I had been giving him a can of Pedigree canned dog food nightly. Well I started to research and the complaints were over the top of people talking about their dogs having seizures and even death.

Well back 18 cans went to Walmart and shopping at TV I went. So hoping 4 health is the answer as that was a scary experience watching a big dog over a pounds stager then loose control of his bladder. What ever is in that Pedigree apparently has done this numerous times before, so be ware. At first she was on another brand that made her itch and her coat was horrible. Once she got on 4Health she has done great. We switch it up to different flavors but have realized that she can not do the pork as she has the runs bad. This is one food I will never take them off from. What the heck? Have they changed the formula?

I cannot imagine why 2 bags of the same food should be so different? Anyone have any ideas? My lab has been eating 4Health for over a year and it really helped clear up his allergies and yeast infection prone ears. He was vommiting, weak, and became afraid to eat anything. After 2 very expensive weeks of multiple vet visits and a specialist appointment scheduled for tomorrow we are hoping to finally hear whether the toxins in the food were the cause of his internal organ failure and if his life can be saved. Your post about scared me to death.

I am hoping and praying for a full recovery of your baby Max!!! Me too! I have three Maltipoos and have been feeding them 4 Health for two years. For about the last year and a half one of my females has had seizures, approximately four. I just assumed it was something to do with her genetically. Just today my other female had a seizure.

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I do not give my pets treats and the only common factor is the dog food. I will not be using this food again. If your dog has a seizure ice on the back of the neck seemed to help.

I feed both my girls 4health. My 9 year old toy fix terrier is picking and was becoming over weight from the other foods even when fed the right amount when we for our English bull I switched to 4health the grain free white fish and they both love it. However when I bought food last week I decided to try the salmon and Potatoe mixed with the grain free white fish. The girls pick out the white fish and then eventually way the salmon later in the day where as before they ate their bowls right up.

They both look amazing on this food so why mess with it. Thought I was helping my pug with allergies and bought the Grain free duck and potato formula from 4Health. Now , after all the reviews I am scared to feed it to him UGH! I just saw your post as I was reading some reviews. I just purchased this formula this afternoon and came home to find that my dog Gino, 1. I was looking forward to seeing him tear up his entire bowl. I even bought the turkey and sweet potato canned food to accompany…. Want to keep this one as healthy as possible. Just started feeding the 4health small bites to my 12 morkie.

The responses on here kind of scare me but I will see how it goes. Just started feeding the 4health small bites to my 12 pound morkie. Well she ate it for one day!

I started mixing it with her old food too. I found a nice pet store a few miles away that carries some great food called nutrisource. I feel good about giving her a food she likes and is doing good on. I started feeding my dogs 2 yr old shepherd and 4 month shepherd 4health lamb and rice, I noticed about week after feeding them this food there poo was yellowish and looked like a cow-patty.. So the vet suggested that for 4 days I cook them chicken and rice then introduce the food back to them again..

Well I did that and there poop is still the same as it was before.. Not sure what to do now, and now my 4 month pup is diggin like he has fleas even though he has none.. Any suggestions would help?? Wow, my dog is on a medicated shampoo now and he has been eating 4 Health Whitefish and Potato and his skin is so nasty! He has open sores from scratching. What on earth is safe to feed them? Guess I am going to find a different brand. His back hair is starting to come out in places and his skin is getting in awful shape that we had to call the vet… The vet suggested based on what we told them to use a medicated shampoo called Universal medicated shampoo, it is a antibacterial and antifungal shampoo and give Benadryl once a day to see if it helps or not.

We are hoping this will give him some relief.. A lot of dog foods are having so many recalls that nothing is safe to feed your dog anymore. I have been feeding like 15 dogs 4health for years and no ill effects. I have switched formulas slowly they have all done really well. Try the Authority Grain Free dog foods from Petsmart. We have been using them for about 3 years now and have had ZERO problems. Our dog is a rescue dog and she is hyper sensitive to grains and would break out in huge hives all over with other brands.

Since going to Authority grain free, she has had no problems with itching, her skin and coat are really nice, and her grain induced seizures have been totally eliminated. We love it and the price is very reasonable. I found 4health Grain Free Whitefish to be the best kind of 4health to use for my dogs.

4Health Dog Food

Natural omegas in it help with there coats and being grain free helps with allergies!! Not sure I like that so they better get there act together or will have a lot of unhappy customers. I do not ven know how I ended up right here, bbut I assumed this submit was once good. This is our personal experience. I have several dogs. One named Brandy is a 10 year old grey hound mix.

She started stretching and pulling her hair out summer She did have some fleas so I assumed it was that. After riding her of the fleas we noticed she still inched and she was slowing down. Of course, again I assumed the gradual slow down was age.

4Health Dog Food Coupons Feb

Still she had loss of hair on back and was always scratching with no fleas were found. We were told that she was having a reaction and it was believed that she was so allergic to fleas that one bite set her off. I decided to go grain free to see if it was the food. I found 4 Health beef and potato — grain free. She and the others loved it. We are now on the 4th bag and she still eats it all and wants more.

She has stopped scratching all the time, her hair has grown back, she dances around when she gets excited, her coat is looking amazing and appears shiner and thicker. For now, we are very pleased with the results. I have been feeding my 2 year old rescue dog the whitefish and potato since we adopted her 6 months ago.

4Health Dog Food Recalls

Everything seemed fine until this week when she quit wanting to eat it and has yellow diarrhea. I started my 3 year old lab on 4Health whitefish formula about 2 months ago and she has had 2 episodes of severe vomiting and diarrhea. The first episode cleared up after 2 trips to the vet and multiple medications. Now she is at the emergency vet for this second episode and she is now having bloody diarrhea. Her lab work is fine and her X-ray is also normal so I am thinking it must be the food.

I hope your little girl is doing much better now!!! I just purchased the duck and potato formula this afternoon, but my baby 1. He just sniffed and walked away. Have you found something that she enjoys??

Any recommendations….. Poor boy was skin and bones when we first got him. I suspect this is because the shelter was undersupplied and so likely fed small portions of less-than-adequate food. He had caught heartworms at some point and so had a miserable time going through heartworm treatment with stomach problems, inability to put on weight, lethargy, etc. They had put their lab on beneful on the recommendation of the vet, which is what my dog started eating while he was there.

What a mistake!

That food is awful awful awful. I did a lot of research and decided to switch him to 4 health because it is decently affordable and has received very high ratings. But what a HUGE difference the switch made! His coat is so much healthier, and he finally put on a little bit of weight. Friends who sporadically come to my house have noticed a huge difference and always comment on how much brighter and healthier he looks and acts.

He has the perfect amount of energy now and has bloomed into the cheerful peppy dog I always knew he could be! They have noticed major skin improvements. I am so thankful for this food. I hope that, since my boy is only 4, starting him on such a nutritional diet will extend his active years. Looking back I just wish my parents and I had known to do our research rather than trust vets on all of our previous dogs. Side note: I too, have been looking for a more healthy food to feed my dogs ages 8 and 5.

I figure I try to buy healthy for myself and my dogs deserve it too. Dogs can be allergic or become allergic to certain ingredients at any time just as we can develop allergies. Kudos to sites like this that help consumers become educated. Jo-Jo is my boy and I would only feed him the best, so when he began putting on weight and having difficulty with the supposed 1 brand of food on the market for healthy weight management, my wife looked closer at the different brands of foods and what was in them. That is when we found 4Health and Jo-Jo has been on it ever since.

He went from a lb overweight Rotweiller to a stealthy lb loveable brute who can still sand to loose a few more lbs. I have always been a dog owner and strive to provide my dogs with the best nutrition possible without breaking the bank. In addition, our girl had occasional seizures that kept getting worse with each seizure. Well…they worked. Their coats improved, their overall stamina and energy improved even for our very old guy and our girl stopped having seizures. We have been feeding them 4Health for about three years now and knock on wood during that whole time she has not had a seizure.

What other brands have you explored?? Boy am I regretting it after reading these posts. My dog, 1. Did you go back to TOTW??? Let me know as I will be returning to the store tomorrow of what I purchased to be getting something else. We switched our 12 year old dog to 4Health Salmon and Sweet Potato formula recently.

She did ok on the first bag, but the bag we bought this week has kibble of a different size and color than the previous bag. After feeding her one night from the new bag she became quite ill with blowing liquid stool and vomiting. This bag is going back to Tractor Supply on Monday and I will be feeding her something else. After realizing it is a Diamond product I question their quality control. To me, it is not worth taking that chance. He loves the food. He is very healthy and growing appropriately. He has lots of energy and we love the product.

We have a 4 month old Great Dane puppy that we feed 4Health large Breed food to. About 6 months ago, a friend recommended 4Health. The first time, I blended the salmon and performance brands, with no issues. This second round, one of my dogs started to itch like crazy. Several trips to vet, different meds…. Since the first go around with this food went so well, never dawned on me it would be the food.

Another trip to the vet last week, vet suggested food. My poor girl is almost bald several test for mange, all negative. Fed 4health, dog has food allergies. Food protection syndrome. If Diamond makes is there recall? He has some kind of digestive problem and is licking his hind end A LOT. I think he may need a new dog food; one without wheat or corn. Would 4Health brand be a good alternative to try? Could this possibly solve his digestive issues? I would suggest 4health. My mother in law just switched her dog too and the dog has much more energy.

I would suggest going to one of your local tractor supply stores and talking to one of the team members and explaining your needs. One of my babies, mix Pit, has been plagued with seasonal allergies most of his life resulting in the spring and fall doses of predisone to stop the itching. He has been off his meds for about a month now and for the first time he has a full body of hair. With this bag, though, he has gone from an eat anything eater to not finishing his food. All my other babies have had beautiful coats with this formula also. One of my newest rescues, also a Pit mix, I have noticed sores on his belly and under his front leg pits.

Other than that his coat is beautiful. Reading these reviews has me a little concerned. It is darker in the last two purchases. You can definitely smell the salmon in the food. I do the grain free because of the extra omega 3. I am going through three bags a month. I will not be buying this again, in fact I will be returning the bag I purchased. When feed my dog I see what looks like a piece oh silicon mixed in with the food.

Recent bag has led to diarrhea, vomiting, and itching like crazy! No fleas, btw Should I dump this bag, and try a new one? Or switch to Grain Free?? Did you ever get resolution? I just posted a review here because my dogs are also sick so far, loose to diarrhea-ish yellow stools, no vomiting.

I like earthborn better myself. Saves money in the long run and more of the good stuff. Plus it is meat based, Bison is the best. The breeder is using 4 Health Puppy which is only available at Tractor Supply in addition is 50 miles from my home. I will not buy hand tools from that country. I would like to use Taste of the Wild Fowl mix. I would appreciate any feed back on type of dog food to use. Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond same as the regular 4 Health, the Grain Free 4 Health is made by a different company. Which I could not afford. So, after a few months of that food, I bought a small bag of the 4Health, weaned them properly over a week, and thought it would be a great option for them.

Well, the first day of only the new food, they both experienced a marked increase in stool frequency, kept waking up during the night to go. I thought it was odd, but decided to give it another day. The second day which was today they were alright during the day, but now it is 2: I cannot see any other reason for this massive change other than the food. They love the taste for sure, and after just the weaning week and the two days of only the 4 Health, their coats are shiny and beautiful. BUT both are miserable and now I am off to buy pumpkin to settle their tummies and we will go back to their former food.

Very concerned. Have sent a message to Tractor Supply Customer Service and hope there isnt a wide spread issue with this batch! I will be taking the 2nd one for blood work today so we can start treatment before her kidney shuts down as well. If she survives we will be going back to Nutro Limited Ingredient dog food. Before everyone jumps to the conclusion my dos got into something, please understand this is an inside dog.

The only thing that has changed is her diet. I recently relocated to a small town and could not get the Nutro so we attempted to give her what I thought was a quality food. This is the ONLY thing it could be, we are only on our 3rd bag. Feeding your dog anything made by Diamond is like playing a game of Russian Roulette and when or if you eventually lose, your dog will be the one who ultimately pays the price. I trusted these people too as most of the reviews I read sounded very good.

After my dogs ate a Diamond made food contaminated with Salmonella Infantis in the spring of and got sick, I wrote a review about it and it was never published. Some sellers of dog food will carefully select which reviews to publish and often tend to favor the more positive ones. Do a thorough search on any food you choose before buying. Luckily, my dogs survived although one of them never got back to what was normal for her.

Be aware that any contaminated food brought into your home will also put every member of your family at risk if they come in contact with it. Do you know what it feels like to feed your dogs something that you believed to be good for them only to watch them get sick or even die? You feel as if you poisoned your best friend and you will never forget that it was your hand that fed it to them.

The guilt never, never, ever leaves you. Find out who makes any food before buying it. Stay away from Diamond.