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There is no way to permanently delete your account or data, and an inactive public profile will always be visible to public. Accounts cannot be removed at this time. You need to request deletion of your data via the contact form after logging in. TL;DR you can't do it. Discussion at http: Support staff refuses to delete accounts due to 'accounting purposes'. You can't delete your account without contacting them. According to the app you can email feedback cinemagr. Unfortunatly removal requests aren't replied to.

Login to your account, then click 'delete account' on the page. The site claims that you must call their support line , ext 1 , but they deactivated my account over email. You have to ask the support to get your account deleted. You can't delete yourself. You can only change your phone nr. Go to your Profile, at the bottom you will find a 'Delete Account' button.

Simply click the "I understand, delete my account. Sign in then visit https: Your messages will remain on the forums. Cannot be deleted fully, reactivation is always available. Fill out the form and select 'I understand. Please delete my profile. Contact support and request they delete your account. Send an email to abuse craigslist. Start a live chat session and a representative will delete your account. You can cancel by email but only if your membership includes insurance. Otherwise, an email cancellation will be ignored. You have to call to cancel your account.

This is the only way. More info here: They mock the very idea of wanting to delete your account in their faq: Log into your User Profile and visit the Delete Account tab. Edit your account and select 'Remove my account'. You have to enter your mailadress and have to choose a 'why are you leaving' answer'. To verify this step you'll become a mail with a security code to fill into the form. After that your account is deleted. You may discontinue your use of the Service at any time without informing us.

We may, however, retain and continue to use any Content that you have submitted or uploaded through the Service. You can not delete your account on the site. You must use the linked form. All your data is ereased immediately, except comments which will remain. Accounts can be reactivated within 30 days. After that, Accounts can't be reactivated. There's no information about account-deletion in their FAQ. The hotline also says that account-deletion isn't possible.

Here's Why You Should Think Twice Before Clicking On That $12 Dress On Facebook

Click close my account and confirm with your password. Check the "Deactivate Account" box in the settings. You need to remove the App in your Facebook settings and mail feedback downapp. All accounts stay in their system for at least 3 years.

Scam Alerts - Kentucky Attorney General

Remove any banking information before you delete. Contact customer services to request deletion. If you're outside the US this must be by phone. A few survey questions will be asked prior to account deletion. FAQ states that account can be deleted upon request, but e-mails requesting it are completely ignored. There's no need to delete your account. An old, unused edX account with no course completions associated with it will disappear. You must send an e-mail to hello elevateapp.

You will then receive a response from support asking for feedback and to confirm the deletion. The next e-mail you receive from support will notify you that your account has been deleted. Quoted from Ello: By deleting your account you remove your personal information from Ello. Your account cannot be restored. Select 'Close Profile' at the bottom of the page, select any reason for closing your profile.

After that you have to complete the process by clicking a link in an email sent to you. You have to send them a request to delete the account using the contact form. Create new Game Support ticket to request account removal. You can't have any unpaid Etsy bills or an open non-delivery reports.

Your email address will remain on file. Contact support and they will delete your account. You cannot delete your Evernote account, just deactivate it temporarily. Deactivation does not remove your data so you will have to manually delete all notes and personal info, perform a sync and then deactivate the account.

You have to call or email them. They respond to email quickly, however, so it is not that painful. While you can delete your account easily, some of the data including messages, are there to stay forever, just as stated in the website's privacy policy. Email customer support to request deletion. All data is fully erased. To delete or deactivate your account, contact Fitbit by email via the contact form. Go to account management within the app. Email privacy flixster-inc. Account can only be disabled, not deleted.

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To delete your account, you must not post anything for at least three days. Make sure your account balance is positive, then issue a support ticket requesting to close your account. You cannot delete your account yourself if you have sounds uploaded to your account. In their own words: As such, we ask you to please contact the administrators via the Contact Form [http: They will help you with the deletion of your account Alternatively - you can go through all your sounds, delete them one-by-one, and then delete your account.

You will find option to remove your account under Profile - My Account tab, after log in. Removed GG account number is going back to available numbers for new users. Account deletion requires contacting Customer Support. Delete any of the information you would like removed from the site. Then select 'Account Settings' and 'Close Account'. You must email support from the registered email to remove this account. Any outstanding Premium Memberships will not be refunded.

You must submit a ticket and set the subject to 'Delete Account'. Send them an email with Delete my account as title. You can't delete your account without contacting support. Use the support email address to ask them to close your account. Contact customer services and request deletion. You can't delete your account, but you can deactivate it. Email customercare gogoair.

On the top bar, click on 'Your name', then click on the 'Delete Account' button at the bottom of the dialog. On the top bar, click on your photo, go to 'Settings', go to 'Miscellaneous' and then hit 'Cancel Account'. Select a reason for closing and it'll take 2 clicks. Send an email to arun grailed. You can remove your profile and chat history from within the app or you can email support with your UDID. According to Groupon's privacy statement, you have to contact support directly and ask them to delete your account.

Privacy Policy Letter D: Account e-mail addresses cannot be deleted. However, an Account may be closed and GrubHub will cause the corresponding e-mail address to be scrambled. There is a link at the bottom of the Settings page to delete your account. It is not possible to delete your Hack This Site account. Your contributions are there to stay, but you can at least clear out your profile -- even your email address. We can do that for you - just send an email. Click "Delete my account" and follow the instructions that appear. The website automatically deletes your account after a predetermined time.

You have to send an email to the support team asking for deletion of your account. Your account will be added to a list of accounts for deletion, and it may take some time before it has actually been deleted. You can remove information and manually quit HOL, but your account stays forever. You can remove every information from your account or if you signed up using a social network disconnect it. Sign in to your account, go to the 'Account' options in your settings and delete your profile. See also 'Can I deactivate or delete my Profile? Deleting this account will also delete your Mac and Windows accounts on 'i use this', if you have them set up.

Deleting this account will also delete your iPhone and Windows accounts on 'i use this', if you have them set up. Deleting this account will also delete your iPhone and Mac accounts on 'i use this', if you have them set up. On top bar: Email customer support. Requests are handled within 48 hours. Interested in becoming a Scam Alerts partner?

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Contact the Office of Senior Protection and Mediation at Scam Alerts Homepage Scams. Main Content. Scam Alert: IRS Scams. Learn more. Publishers Clearing House Scam. Kentuckians receiving phone calls from anyone claiming to be Publishers Clearing House should hang up immediately. This is the best defense against this type of scam. A simple rule to remember is that Publishers Clearing House does not notify its winners over the phone. Deputy Sheriff Scam. These scammers are looking for quick, easy cash, and they love the idea of pre-paid cards. Student Loan Scam. Students should avoid these companies.

Allison Swoboda, the owner of a shop called Allison's Formal Dresses in Clarkston, Washington, regularly sees disappointed, sometimes tearful high school girls come in to her store after buying prom or homecoming dance dresses from such sites.

Chicago Haul -- Topshop, MAC, H&M, Forever 21 & More!

You know how when you have to dissect the pig or the frog and it smells like that nasty formaldehyde? It smelled like that. The same email address, Admin GlobalEGrow. It's a major achievement for a man who, according to China Radio International, started off as a street vendor selling socks and pants in his home province of Shanxi and founded Baiyuan, which means " yuan pants," in A video uploaded by the company to Youku, a Chinese streaming site, describes Global Egrow as a bold and successful pioneer within the world of e-commerce, showcasing its bright, young Chinese workforce in a sparkling office environment.

A voice narrates in Chinese with English subtitles: We achieve the glory with innovations and fill the world with smiles.

Scam Alerts

The narrator cites "multiple favorable national policies" supporting "online trans-boundary export retail," adding that Global Egrow promotes and glorifies "the brand of 'Made in China'" around the world. It was uploaded nine months ago. BuzzFeed News attempted to contact Global Egrow's executives or PR department, but wasn't able to get beyond their receptionists.

Multiple emails in both Chinese and English to addresses listed on its website received no reply. A woman named Ms. The Chinese companies are known to some American Instagram stars as prolific photo snatchers.

What is this?

This pattern emerges again and again with photos across these sites, including with screenshots of Facebook ads and page posts, suggesting the companies are looking to replicate similar items. In another case, PromGirl, a U. Getting ripped off by an advertiser on Facebook can be a rude awakening for some users, who have come to see the social network as a more carefully policed and controlled environment than the Wild West of the internet. Facebook has worked aggressively to keep its walled garden clean in recent years so users and advertisers can feel safe — it has cracked down on porn, private gun sales , and at least some fake likes.

In its haste to police nudity, Instagram has ended up deleting pictures of mothers breastfeeding and selfies of plus-size women.

She added that allowing ads from companies that operate like Rosegal and its ilk "seems icky. It almost made me want to just shut down Facebook. Griffeth took it one step further: Online review site SiteJabber told BuzzFeed News it saw 13, complaints about discount clothing sellers like those mentioned above in the 12 months to January , more than double the previous year.

The FTC has seen almost 2, complaints in the past four years over 18 of the sites, according to information provided in response to an open records request submitted by BuzzFeed News. The most painful stories come from women who bought bridesmaid, prom, and even wedding dresses from these sellers. The entry point for many was Facebook, though the sites also advertise on Google and retarget through banner ads across the web.