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Award-winning authors, esteemed illustrators, editors, agents, and publishers present lectures, conduct workshops, and give individual manuscript and art consultations at SCBWI conferences around the world. Regional Chapters. We have over is 80 regions within the United States and throughout the world. Through your local chapter you can meet other writers, attend events and get local support. Online Community. Volunteer Opportunities.

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Whether it is mentoring other writers and illustrators, helping put on a conference or reading your books to kids at a local school. If you are interested in volunteering please see the Volunteer Guidelines and contact your Regional Advisor for current opportunities. The key to success is "discoverability. SCBWI members with a published book both traditionally and independently published can list their book in our online bookstore. For members who are independently published and have sought alternative means of selling books, the online bookstore will meet your needs. For those who are traditionally published and distributed, it will provide one more place where both your in-print and out-of-print work can be discovered.

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Feature your blog on our homepage. All members, whether published or pre-published, are eligible to list their blog in our blog roll. This means using your pitch session as a fun practice exercise in distilling your ideas instead of The End All And Be All Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity you might think it is. What to bring to a writers conference? A sense of humor and a casual vibe.

Writing expectations, especially, because they have to do with something so personal and creative. But everyone has a different path to publication and a different path once published. The house is late in processing your payment. Your book does unexpectedly well or poorly. You get questions from readers that blow your mind.


Your book gets banned because of one word from a school library. Your editor leaves. You switch houses. Your house announces a huge merger with another house. And on and on and on. The best way to go to writing conferences is to temper your expectations , be casual and professional, make a good impression by being friendly and curious, and take as many notes as you can on sessions that interest you. Go into the experience with your head in the right place and be open to anything. Happy Halloween, everyone! Even though my boyfriend and I bought amazing Life Aquatic Steve Zissou Adidas shoes off of Etsy a while ago, we have yet to flesh out the full costume with the pale blue jumpsuits and red beanies.

Because why not. This amazing weekend is the brainchild of my mentor and former boss, Andrea Brown of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. The workshop consists of small groups of writers—two groups of five to six writers each that meet twice over the course of the weekend—led by a faculty member, either and agent, editor, or writer. Attendees get their work critiqued by both other attendees and faculty, and the low student-faculty ratio means you have a chance to meet and mingle with the agents and editors throughout the weekend.

Big conferences are great: But there is nothing like personalized and specific attention on your manuscript in a small group workshop setting.

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Even though my days of teaching at Big Sur are over—only Andrea Brown Literary Agency agents are invited, for obvious reasons—I still recommend this retreat in beautiful Big Sur, CA more than any other conference for transforming your personal writing craft and getting one step closer to your publication dreams. Authors on faculty include Ellen Hopkins and Lewis Buzbee. Please click here to learn more and register! In book news, check out a blog review of the book as well as an interview with me for Teaching Authors!

A few housekeeping mentions and a huge congratulations to m client Karsten Knight on the blog. Here is the gorgeous cover:. Go out and get your copy today, er, tomorrow. This is a multicultural romp that features a group of powerful teen gods and goddesses. Good thing you can start tomorrow. You will get a recording of the lecture after the fact. Register here.

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Even as I posted, I had this nagging feeling that I was missing…something…. A literary agent pitch session is one of those nervousmaking things in life — like proposing marriage or going in for a job interview. With these nerve-wracking events, we just want to know whether or not it went okay. While a marriage proposal usually gets a response right away, most of these other scenarios are of the sort where you put your best foot forward and then you wait for results.

Now put yourself on the receiving end.

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A candidate comes in for a job interview and they do well. They present themselves professionally and answer your questions. Pretty standard stuff. Once I explain this to the writer and ask to see a snippet of the writing itself, I follow this with instructions for sending one. Again, pretty standard stuff. These are questions that have no right answers and, more often than not, they put the asker at a disadvantage. Whenever you go from professionally presenting yourself in a literary agent pitch session, to letting your ego and insecurities drive the situation, you cross a line.

How am I supposed to know whether your work will sell, sight-unseen? The fact is, the percentage of people who get their work picked up at conferences is equal to or just slightly higher than the percentage who get plucked out of the slush. And the reason conferences might be slightly higher is that they usually attract people who are further along in their writing or making a firmer commitment to getting published.

Check out this post for more on query etiquette. Debbie Ohi's Free Picture Book Thumbnail Templates for Writers and Illustrators The 32 thumbnails is very useful and arguably better than folding a piece of paper into 32 rectangles,. Creativity Tools , Debbie Ridpath Ohi , illustration , picture book , picture books , writing. Thursday, January 10, Hashtags for Illiustrators - Some suggestions add your own in comments!

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