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Don't expect huge increases in space, however, as the current car launched in is already longer and taller than today's Clio.

2019 Renault ZOE - Driving Pleasure and Versatility

Pricing for the new Zoe is a long way off being announced, but it's likely Renault will try to keep at the same level to sustain its popularity as one of the most affordable EVs on the market. Renault confirms early launch for next Clio. Renault reveals value K-Ze electric car. Megane-size electric car crucial to Renault's EV plans.

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What happens when you sell it, the car gets stolen or you just stop paying it do they come and take the battery out? Really good question , even trading it can be an issue as the dealer taking it will have to pay the fee while it sits on the forecourt waiting to be sold.

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Fully anticipating getting bugger all back in 4 years , however compared to what most folk pay in pcp's in a year that still works out ahead of the curve! Hoping Renault will just quietly drop the fee. Log in or register to post comments LP in Brighton. Let's be honest, battery leasing was introduced to disguise the high purchase price of EVs - and to reasure nervous buyers that there would no issue with ever having to replace a very expensive battery. But it complicates purchase of a used EV with many advertisers not declaring the additional cost of battery rental.

To my mind the whole car should either be purchased outright, or available to lease. Having bits of the car owned by the customer and another part owned by the manufacturer doesn't make sense. Imagine purchasing a regular car with the engine leased at extra cost! On the subject of used EVs, I get the distinct impression that values are now on the rise.

Perhaps finally drivers are warming to the isea of electric propulsion and demand is finally catching up with supply? Bill Lyons. Until there is an industry standard along the lines of mpg calculations i. What are you rambling about?

Next-gen Renault Zoe targeting 250-mile range for 12222

There ARE industry standards for measuring electric ranges. The Fifth Gear calculation you are referring to is from ! Electric cars have come a long way since and the battery capacities have nearly doubled. Maybe its time for you to update your facts.. The first generation Leaf you are referring to had a rated range of miles 73 miles according to EPA standard and according to NEDC standard.

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Compared with these figures, the drop in range is not as drastic as you suggest. You can find similar differences in rated mpg and real-life mpg values also from petrol and diesel cars. Even though the new WLTP standard is more realistic, we all know that the rated mpg and electric range values are still too optimistic and have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Keep trying, sweetheart. In future don't be too quick to accuse people of ignorance.

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I am well aware there are industry standards. I have to admit that I made some hasty assumptions about your information source. The first Google result for "Fifth Gear Nissan Leaf 60 mile range" just seemed like a logical source, but I was wrong. You are also right that it would be informative to have standardized mpg and range measurements for different constant driving speeds.

Renault Zoe

I apologize for my misunderstanding. I also watched the Fifth Gear s27e02 where they tested the Nissan Leaf. However, their "simulation" consisted of high speed driving in a race track!

New Renault Zoe 2018 REVEALED in pictures

It seems that last feature is now standard on all Renault ZOE vehicles. The ZOE can charge remotely through a smartphone app, and you can pre-condition preheat or pre-cool the car. The Q90 boasts 68 kW 91 hp and Nm The R motor has an extra 19 hp Renault estimates a real-life range of miles in summer and miles in winter. Nicolas Zart Nicolas was born and raised around classic cars of the s, but it wasn't until he drove an AC Propulsion eBox and a Tesla Roadster that the light went on.

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