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Bored of dull grey and white cars? Well how about this - a pink Vauxhall Viva. You're unlikely to lose this in a supermarket car park. This example is the 1. This smart Micra in Echo Grey paint is a demo car, so the mileage is likely to increase, but don't let that put you off. Demo cars are usually very well looked after and you can also get a 24 hour test drive in it. If you want a cheap deal on a small crossover, the Renault Captur is a good place to start.

We haven't seen anything similar in size for the same money - even the much discounted Vauxhall Mokka. So getting a pre-reg model not only saves you money but also cuts out the long wait. This plate will have the lion's share of its seven-year warranty still remaining. A pre-registered car is one that has been registered by a dealer with the DVLA so it has been assigned a registration number. There are various reasons why a dealer might do this, but the most common is to boost their sales figures at the end of a month or quarter to meet their target set by the manufacturer, which earns the dealer a bonus.

There is no age limit on what can be described as a pre-reg car, but almost all will be less than six months old and have less than miles on the odometer. In most cases, the cars will have delivery mileage only and never been off the forecourt. No is the straight answer.

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When you buy a pre-reg car, your name will go down as the second owner on the V5C logbook document, so any subsequent buyer will also know you were not the first registered keeper. The biggest impact this has for you is when you come to sell as many buyers prefer a one-owner history on cars up to around four years old. Discounts on pre-reg cars range from 5 per cent to 30 per cent depending on the make, model and specification.

The most likely times to find a dealer with a stock of pre-reg cars is March or September when the number plate changes. This is when dealers want to shift the greatest number of cars to earn their sales bonuses, so pre-registering cars is common to boost those figures. Visiting a dealer a few days after the start of these months can yield plenty of pre-reg cars going at keen prices.

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Another happy hunting time for pre-reg bargains is when a particular model is about to be replaced by a new version. One other place to find pre-reg cars are some of the larger car supermarkets. If a dealer has ended up with a large number of pre-reg cars it needs to sell in a hurry, they sometimes pass them on to supermarkets to save themselves the hassle. This means that nearly new cars might well have been driven on the road and are likely to have higher mileages than any car described as pre-reg.

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A car that has been pre-registered will only have the dealer down in the logbook as the first keeper. If it has been first registered by a private owner for their personal use, the car immediately becomes a used car in the eyes of the law. An ex-demo car will often be a very attractive option because they tend to be highly specified. Dealers do this because they want to show off as many possible options to new buyers in one vehicle.

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  8. That can include upgraded trim, wheels, stereo and other extras like a sunroof or electric seat adjustment. They also tend to come with the most popular engine and transmission because dealers know most people will ask to drive that version. This is because the dealer will have kept the car for test drives and it may be up to six months old. The upside to this is it should be sold at considerably less than a brand new model and ex-demos are generally kept in meticulously clean condition.

    When a car is first registered, its warranty begins to count down to whatever the specified time limit is. As you are not the first keeper of a pre-reg car, there are some things to bear in mind. Firstly, make sure the dealer selling the car is the registered owner and not a private individual as this would make it a used car and worth considerably less. The dealer must send the rest to the DVLA. When insuring a pre-reg car, it should be as straightforward. That could mean you being out of pocket and left looking for a used car instead of a new one. Finally, some finance companies will not offer a loan for a pre-reg car as they only deal with brand new models.

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    Others might not give their best deals as they reserve those for new car buyers and your name is not the first in the logbook. There are lots of great family hatchbacks to choose from, but the Seat Leon is one we reckon should be on your radar. Executive brands may be snapping up most of the large family car sales, but cars from less upmarket makers are still shortlist worthy.

    There are loads of customisation options, too, if you want to add a personal touch. The all-wheel drive versions are pretty handy off-road, too. In true Audi fashion, the interior is impeccable, and the A8 is crammed with advanced tech such as air suspension, a slick digital dashboard display and a suite of safety assists.

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    Deals correct at time of publication, but many such deals are temporary. Although this article is updated on a regular basis, Driving.

    Published 15 October By Sunday Times Driving. Seat Leon There are lots of great family hatchbacks to choose from, but the Seat Leon is one we reckon should be on your radar. Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Executive brands may be snapping up most of the large family car sales, but cars from less upmarket makers are still shortlist worthy.