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Request me to your friends list right away too.. I always assist my friends for quick honor points! Ahahahaha Problem solved i have friend play Hello Hero So long.. Buy 4x Speed for 1 day in the Shop which is worth 5 carats. It will make you level faster than usual.

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Just Click the Recruit Button and after that click race. Then find the Face of Harold then click it.

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After that click claim. Participate in Arena fights and Boss Raid. It will give you free carats after the designated time. Much better if lvl 30 heroes being used. You might also like: Top 10 Suggestions for Hello Hero Because we really love to hear players' suggestions and concern, we enlisted here the top Hello Hero Dungeon Guides: Enlist Your Username Here! RobbStark on WuKong for free 10 starter carats and add as a freind for daily honor. Please use my IGN so you can have free carats! Just try it Servers: Cucubita Please use me as referral and send me a friend request!

Linberk type DamnLoko for free carats thnx happy gaming!! Use me as your referral Server: KnE3pOL How can i get a promo code? Begemot Type this name for 10 carats. SogoKing Type nyo name ko for free 10 carats!

Ako na lang kasi cute ako. You will get the carats!

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Use As Referral Username: Cucubita Instant 1 carats for you! Jamaica24 as a referral and you will get 10 Carats automatically Enjoy the Game! Free 10 Carats add me as Recommenders.. Recommend my name server cucubita name: VorMint for carats.

Hello Hero Cheats - The best way to Cheat Gold & Carats

Armon add me for 10 carets. Armon add me for 10 carets! You can type ExTrim in Cucubita server. You can get carats. MadMat thank you all.

Hello Hero – How to get more energy, stamina, coupon codes and rare items

Type my name DemonBread in Cucubita for referral, and recieve 10 carats. To get 10 carats , type valenyosas at armon , ninznero at keronic , and valx at cucubita! Keronic Request me to your friends list right away too.. Like whats up with this site I cant link with anything on it. Add friends for free Honor points which will be used for buying hero, armors and weapons.

The main way to find coupon codes is by participating in treasure hunts and other limited time events. Developers may also send them out via Facebook or Twitter or other means of social network communication — even email. Rare weapons and rare armor can turn even mediocre heroes into insanely powerful heroes. One of your best sources of rare weapons and armor is the dungeon mode.

They will get rarer as you get further and further into the dungeon. Another way to get rare weapons and armor is to purchase them with honor points.

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You need to master loads of heroes level them up to 30 to make this happen, though. Each hero that you register will add 5 maximum honor points to your counter. Up until then, you can only have 35 max honor points at a time, and to purchase a master box you will need honor points. Other modes, such as the regular quest, have a rare chance at earning you these sorts of weapons.