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Maybe roll around in plate mail somehow occasionally. Doom is more challenging and promotes listening to Slayer. Castlevania for NES is one of the greats though for sure. Doom — a preferred choice for those who want to promote some of the most incorrect ideas. Since Bunch of crying babies with dirty diapers.

The victory of Emperor Donald may have given us hope, but we must not relax. We must understand that the slithering snakes of the globalist agenda and their useful idiots, opportunists and agent provocateurs are going to try even harder now to reach their goals. Metal, I believe was hijacked and transformed into a tool of subversion for a reason. The anti-Christian message of most Metal makes it a useful weapon in their arsenal.

I suppose it was all legit back in the s, when the Evangelic right launched a jihad on it. If you want to be christian and racist, become a jew. Christianity is globalism. The more racist or patriot sides of christianity bolstered the jews, not the white or others races and ethnicity. Because jesus was a jew and spoke for the jews. You gotta be ignorant if you think metal came from a far right perspective even if it has some traditional element in it.

They came first. The more racist side of metal like Burzum, Graveland have always been on the fringe side of metal, not at the center. When a metal band writes a song about war, it finds glory in transcendence in it.

The Elysian Fields - New World Misanthropia (Full Album)

If metal can in any form destroy traditional values, so be it. If they are so weak to be destroyed my a type of music, they are not worth preserving.

If you are so manly, let them come in masses, fight them on your ground and drove them out yourself. You maybe mock the leftists for rioting. They maybe stupid in a lot of case but the reality is so much complicated, but the real point is what would you have do if Clinton was elected? Why waiting elections, why complaining about democraty but being a slave of it?

If their is no peace, the war cannot last long because, you got to have a peaceful background to raise infant, crop the field, build shack, or house, weapons for war. With no food or with no children, how can you make a war that last long. Go to Syria, there is war here. Is it really good like you say? You want stability. So long about warlike spirit.

The real war or djihad is spiritual first and it comes from within. When a noble have contempt for the one who are weaker in anyways, he cease to be a noble man.

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Than again, who are really noble anyways? We are just human, too human. God forbid that! A man what ever that mean fundamentally as you say most have a thick hide. Try to prove me wrong on that. As for this topic, well, the cracks in the veneer are evident. If you try to ban an idea, you give credence to it. All these 15 year olds on M-A are just going to see: Then they go down the rabbithole and the conditioning starts to break.

SJWs learned nothing from their predecessors, the Christian soccermoms.

What The Experts Have To Say About Your Favourite Metal Albums…

Pushy cultural puritans get resisted and trampled by the next generation. This person is unworthy to bear the name of the goddess Morrigan. She banned users that happened to be Trump supporters BUT they were probably banned for distributing lies e. While one may be tolerated for the sake of art, the other may be unacceptable — e. Would you leave then? A site devoted to metal, with bands that have ultraviolent and satanic lyrics, bans some guy because he voted for Trump. Fucking laughable. Will never visit again.

Morrigan is a raving nutcase. I blame Canada. Interesting that you should say that discogs is stealing web traffic to metal archives, due to metal archives becoming a sterile sjw metal haven, because discogs is notorious for filtering what may or may not be sold on their website based on racial and political views.

I eat my words… Xenophobic Ejaculation has finally been banned from sale on discogs, save for a select few releases, two of which the only copies for sale are test presses going for 1, USD from some Chinese seller… But they did go some time completely uncensored on discogs. The main problem here is that she banned users for having non PC opinions and for showing support for Trump and even called them alt right douches.

How the fuck are you going to be into metal, a genre with lyrical subjects such as death, war, destruction, Satan, nihilism, hatred, etc, and be politically correct worrying if some transgender crybaby is offended. Makes as much sense as being a Christian fundamentalist and being into metal. How can you be into a musical genre where the majority of the bands have lyrical concepts surrounding horror, death, nihilism, destruction, Satan and misanthropy and be an over sensitive sjw crybaby.

This is assuming they like actual good metal, but then again those types are prone to liking some pseudo metal bands as well. It does seem like common sense, but it would be nice to prove it with evidence. These topics are uncommon in popular music but they are common elsewhere, namely in movies and in books, too: When looking at the MentalDucks mud fresco, another theory suggests itself: These people are evidently unwilling to take anything seriously except their groups-against-groups powerplaying.

Ultra-condensed version: Typical movie: Fuck shit! Fuckfuck kill! It means that the album is loved by scene kids and is available at Hot Topic. Of course, the problem with this is that A , a band has no control over where their label sells their albums nor can they control who listens to it, and B a great deal of metal albums,including their vaunted black metal, is readily available at Hot Topic. But within the context of MA, anything that is popular, even a little, is considered "false metal".

Metalcore, which has less faggotry than they would like you to believe, is almost synonymous with the term, as is nu metal. Any metalhead with any love for the music and not the reverse-popularity contest it's become no thanks to MA outside of it actually uses the word. Or using mallcore as a term for nu metal.

A quick example of the kind of elitist cunts that lurk around Metal-Archives would be this necro and gr1m music video from well-known cuntwipe droneriot.

This shit is srs bzns. If you don't enjoy this music, then you are obviously not deaf enough to write reviews for the site. Moderators on the Forum have been known to ban users for the following offenses: High on a power trip, they gain points through contributing the following to the encyclopedia: Things that qualify half the site to actually write about music: All of this was taken from a review on Burzum's "Filosofem.

If you think Burzum's albums are a journey, move the fuck out of your mother's basement. However, any attempt to point this out will result in a quick ban through community uproar, seeing as if you don't like Burzum, you're just not trve enough. Now, while the administrators at Metal-Archives claim to have a high standard for reviews , that doesn't keep from letting the kvlter-than-thou fanboys from writing utterly useless slag pieces on bands that are just way too popular to like. The drumwork is actually the saving grace of the album, and what keeps it barely metal. There is some decent double-bass to be found here, and if it weren't so damn emphasized in the mix at the expense of the guitars, it would be a nice backdrop.

A highly questionable album. This band just gets shittier and shittier. Insert here the obligatory note of how Vio-lence is so much fucking better.

Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Metal/Archive 1

Also what the hell is with this guy and the phrase "found here"? There are over of both types of reviews, but they're the only ones you will find. You'd really wonder if the admins who accept these reviews onto the site even read their own rules, saying as one of the first restrictions put on reviews are:. We want and welcome opinions — for the reviews section! In the band encyclopaedia, the description needs to be as neutral as possible. Keep that for the reviews. And even there, try to be more original just a suggestion….

Do NOT write stuff, [Note: I love the unnecessary comma. They should have changed it to a period and omitted everything after it] in the lineup or notes fields or anywhere else, that promotes or bashes the band in question! Do not write a biography in the first person , e. That kind of text will just get edited out. After months upon months - perhaps even years - of hype, the new album from the self proclaimed saviours of black metal, Watain's album has arrived.

Does it live up to expectations? For me personally, yes. For the crowds of kiddies who believe that Watain are actually evil, I'm sure it lives up to their expectations aswell. After their last full length Sworn to the Dark was released, it was clear what direction this band wanted to take with their music, and whilst at best it was insulting to anyone who is more than a casual listener of black metal it didn't even begin to reach the levels of shame that Lawless Darkness is responsible for.

Now, why would I say such a thing?

Acid Death - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

This album contains great musicianship, some well thought out poetry and has some decent artwork to go along. So why all the hate? This is nothing more than a pop album, a social experiment for the consumer, a vehicle for the metal "mass media". We get the same old recycled riffs, the same old typical metaphysical bullshit lyrics about "evil", the same old Necromorbus studio production and the same recycled attitude that these guys actually believe they are the scourge of the universe.

There is literally nothing more to say than to avoid this piece of shit. And before all of the kiddies and fangirls with their Watain tattoos, Watain patches, Watain shirts, Watain posters, Watain beer mugs, Watain car airfresheners and Watain condoms decide to get angry at me and cast a chaos magic spell to destroy me, just remember - Yes, I am talking shit about those three grown men who are posing on magazine covers covered in fake blood, with CGI snakes.

And here I was, thinking black metal was about the individual and not some ridiculous group mindset. Also note how only one sentence is about the music. I bought this album about a week after the show and enjoyed it very much. Most of the album is more mid paced and heavy, although fast songs are present. Chris McCrossin's clean ish vocals sound almost Quorthon like, but his screams are more distinctive, I've seen him hold 30 second screams at concerts on several occasions.

The guitar work on the album is riff based as one would expect, guitarists Greg Wilson and Travis Dufour now replaced by Tyler Goodine write mostly simple but often very catchy riffs. The intro to "Anguish" in particular is extremely memorable.

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  • #Metalgate: Metal-Archives Exiles Trump Voters?

Bassist Dan Keenan no longer in the band either plays the FUCK out of his bass, I once saw him break the fattest string on their first song, and he doesn't use a pick. Drummer Chad Linton has a very distinctive style that is hard to explain, but since he gives drum lessons, almost every drummer in town sounds like him. The drums are probably what makes the band sound as unique as they do. The production is surprisingly clean, there is a slight reverb effect to it that gives it an old school kind of vibe.

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The best songs on the album for me would be Anguish, for it's insane catchiness, Pissed, with it's badass metal-as-fuck riffs, and Pillcrusher, because whenever they play it at shows, the crowd goes insane! You know that loud guy at the front of every show, screaming obsceneties with middle fingers and horns in the air, banging his head so hard he's in danger of throwing out his back, getting weird looks from a few uncool people but not giving a fuck? That is me at DreaD concerts.

So you want to write your own review for Metal Archives, eh? Well, there are a few steps you need to take in order to do so. Deciding on a good title should be the priority here, but there are a few key factors.