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Slang An article or service given free: Switch to new thesaurus.


A free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission: Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? For every successful pre-order, the store will issue an official receipt with full details of pre-order and a pre-order card which the customer must completely fill up as proof of pre-order upon claiming of unit and freebie on redemption date. Go lit like a supernova with Huawei's new Nova 2 Lite.

If you have cell phone, you can participate in this year's Cumberland Farms National Coffee Day freebie.

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National Coffee Day Freebie List. It's end of the line for oil liggers.

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Shadi Halliwell, group creative and marketing director of Harvey Nichols, said: Real shoplifters used in ad campaign for store. It's A Good Thing to share the beauty love among menfolk, and you can look doubly devoted with this man-impressing freebie. Sign up now Log in.

Hangry and bromance Blend or portmanteau words. February 13, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of freebie in English.

Airtel offering Airtel Surprise data freebies to postpaid customers

The company's marketing rep was giving out pens and mugs - the usual freebies. The journalists were all given a freebie lunch. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. I would not trust a word of what her " freebie " states as regards how one tells whether a speedo has been clocked. From the Hansard archive.

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Commissioners and their staff can be wined and dined by big business and given all sorts of freebies, but there is no record of that. But where a local authority has even a small area of rural countryside, freebies are unlikely to be delivered to each dwelling in that area.

Fate of telecom freebies: Bundled services, discounts unlikely to taper off in near future

The notion that such tenants are getting a freebie from the taxpayer is wrong. I was not suggesting that the information should be handed out as a " freebie " everywhere. The fantastic freebies that the airlines get should be abolished. That organisation, in case anyone jumps to conclusions, does not organise freebies. Many freebies certainly have very high standards, but others are of a disgracefully low standard, and that should be looked into.

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