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I have very dark brown thick hair, almost black. Before I went in the store, I called and asked if this lightener was the right one for me, and that person on the phone said no, it is for dark blonde hair. I then found that the Redken Flash Lift lightener is one of the best lighteners and used by licensed professionals. You can buy Redken products on Amazon or eBay without a license. You can even buy Redken toners there too. I read that they will be downsizing to focus on hair color and this means they will be closing some stores in the future.

But probably because Ulta is putting them out of business. What they need is to focus on high quality customer service.

There is absolutely no excuse for her abusive behavior. I also, suspect that she may have a prejudice against certain races. I had visited Sally Beauty Supply online and placed order for multiple hair dyes and other hair care products. When my order finally came I was missing the Manic Panic and on paper said out of stock. Will ship when back in stock.

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What a bunch of bull. Needless to say I will not purchase anything from this business online or in any of their stores. This is just one person as in rep in Bonney Lake Washington shop. I needed help with hair color When the rep was done serving another customer she went to complain to another rep who was working at that time, "This customer had this basket FULL.

I looked at her and said, "WOW. Will never go back because of her. What would she say behind my back!! And to complain she sold a basket FULL of products. Don't know her name but long bleach blonde wavy hair. I believe this is systemic with Sally. If they're having hard times, this is not the way to do business. I now know what counterfeit O. No more Sally for me, they cannot be trusted. Look at the picture attached, then google it, it's FAKE. There is one older lady that constantly treats people of color with disrespect.

My daughter and I go to this location often and each and every time we are watched by the same lady. She always acts as if she's organizing items on the shelves on the same aisle that we're shopping on. If there are other customers shopping that aren't people of color she doesn't treat them with such disrespect. I like shopping at Sally's for the items that I need.

But I'm extremely tired of being treated differently from other customer's that shop there. This is embarrassing and needs to stop immediately. I would give the star rating a zero if I could. One of the polishes fell, got broken and it was a mess. I said I was very sorry and paid for some items and left. Later when I reach into the store bag to take out my things I grab a small little bag that is very sharp and I get some puncture and cuts on my fingers. I take out a small bag that has the broken bottle of nail polish in it.

All the broken pieces. I am so upset off that such an idiot dimwit would do something so rude and disrespectful. I called back to ask her why she did it and she said she doesn't remember putting it in my bag which is B. I will call back to talk to the manager about it. What she did was plain wrong and stupid. They would be correct to fire her. What an unfortunate lack of customer service skills. Have a nice day. I haven't done anything to my hair in 3 years, so I decided to go to Sally Beauty Supply and purchase some hair color.

I bought 3 boxes of blue black. It turned out brown. They REFUSED to return my money because I didn't have the tubes and only had 1 box even with my receipt due to the fact my 9-month-old daughter got sick. Any decent mother would do a clean sweep of the home and clean. I shop here when I need things. I went in to by a Chi flat iron as mine quit working so I need it now and when I got there two ladies at register with only one customer. I waited for service and nothing. So then I wait for the customer to leave and I asked if they have the digital Chi and was the answer and no, they don't, so I was deciding in the aisle if I wanted to buy it price 99 dollars and I had decided to purchase as I need it now.

I was going to order on Amazon but had decided to shop Sally's. My 6 year old daughter was with me and picked out a brush she was going to buy 8. The short haired nasty women came around and was mean and nasty as hell to my daughter and said, "You can't brush your hair with that. I had other items and I put them all back and left. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

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So, I ordered from Amazon for more money. As a customer about to spend dollars you would think she could have been polite and said to my daughter, "Can you please not do that. So you will be out of business. The Sally's that I go to is about 45 minutes from my house, so when I go I really need to make the trip count. This time I went in search of Wella hair toner. I smiled and headed to find my toner. While trying to figure out what shade I wanted, a man that works there walked by me, staring, a solid 10 times. I felt like he thought I was a shoplifter or something.

Flash forward a week. I texted my stylist to see if I should use the stuff I bought and she told me absolutely not, so I went to return it. The women at the counter was the sweetest lady, but she had no clue how to do a return no problem though, she was so sweet. But as fate would have it, the same guy came to help her and was just as rude as expected.

The employees are rude, snobby, and completely useless. I won't ever take my business to that dump again. We were informed by the sales associate very nice and well mannered young lady that it was a misprint which didn't start until April 1. Being that there was no sign explaining that we asked if she could ask the manager if she would still honor the coupon. The manager hollers across the store at my mom and said, "No I will not honor it. You can come back on April 1" and she also stated that "you cannot get the cosmetic bag unless you buy makeup.

This event took place on Wednesday, March 28, We explained to the sales associate Clarice that we were not filing a complaint against her store. We explained what happened and she was very understanding and apologize for our issue. The customer service rep said that she would call the store and tell the manager to honor our the coupon. I told her that I was at a different location and she asked for the location that the incident occurred and the location that I was in at the time. She said that she would call store and have them to honor the coupon in its entirety.

Clarice in the Rockingham store received the call from corporate and honored the coupon.

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My mom and I were able to get the items that we desired along with the free cosmetic bag without purchasing makeup. I was very satisfied with the customer service we received from Clarice at store , however, the manager at store needs to be talked to about how she treats people especially valued customers that shop in her store all the time.

She literally yelled across the aisle as she walked towards us. I really pray that some action is taken in this matter. Thank you and I hope to get a response with a resolution. I went in to this store on Saint Patrick's day and when I walked in I was not greeted by the lady in all black wearing a green tutu. Apparently she was the store greeter and I wasnt acknowledged. I stood in line with my return and receipt in hand.

Another lady walked in behind me and she addressed her and asked if she had a return and asked her to place her item on the counter while she finds what she needed.

She continue to address every other customer but me. This is the North Richland Hills store bldg on Hwy I walked back to the store and explained the situation. I was told by the associate that I couldn't return it since I opened it. Asked for a manager, was told she will be in the store on a different day.

Before going back, I called the Sally Customer Service and let them know my experience, as I didn't want to be sent back again.

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She even gave me the name of the associate I should talk to. Went to the store and asked for that person, but the lady who sold me the item showed up and started off by saying that it was new when she gave it to me, and accused me of using it. I replied by saying, that she should open and check, as everything is still sealed in plastic, except for the oily clipper, which was not covered. I told her that I will be calling Sally if she was not willing to return the item.

I never told the agent that they were rude to me; all I told her was that they refused to return the item. She was very understanding and a decent person. I honestly thought it was a free membership, when she asked me to sign up. I would like for Sally take an action on these two employees. I went to SallyBeauty in Piscataway NJ on Labor Day September to buy purple conditioner to pamper my virgin never dyed before hair after the summer.

As I was paying the girl at the register convinced me that purple conditioner won't do anything to my hair and what I need is a Toner!! She took me to the aisle and grabbed a wellahair T18 Toner. She swore to me that that's what I need, that it won't do anything to my brunette hair. It'd only ash any brassy streaks.

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She swore to me ever convincingly that this is what I need. That it won't touch my brown hair. I took her advice and bought the product. I called the store. The manager who insisted that the wellahairusa Toner doesn't do anything to brunette hair. Long story short sallybeauty lied me to me and told me they'll pay to fix my hair then renounced it.

This company doesn't take accountability for their actions. The image they portray here on social media is a LIE. The customer service rep Sheila told me to get an estimate to get my hair fixed and that they'll give me conditioners. They never did and told me that they closed my case. They portray a fake image on their social media go to Sally ask a beauty expert. Well please don't do that or you could be the next victim! The problem is that I received it on Jan. I went back to the store to get a credit and they said their computers couldn't do it because I also had an exchange on the receipt.

Seems that their coupons don't arrive on time for me to use them and there really isn't any benefit to being a member of Sally Beauty. So this was my first time purchasing from Sally's online rather than in their stores. Today I receive my package in the mail and lo and behold I am missing 5 products. Called customer service and they said they had none left in their warehouse. Hmmm, a phone call would have been nice seeing as how I'm sure they would be expecting one from me.

Some stores just are not worth shopping online at. Will stick to the brick and mortar stores because I do tend to like Sally's products. I have fashion colored hair which requires frequent maintenance. I was in there looking to do something new go silver , and the 2 workers helped me here and there for about an hour whenever I sought them out they kindly offered help for about the first 10 minutes till I let them know I was going to be there for a while.

They didn't hover or make me feel like a shoplifter as some others have claimed , and as I said, they were more than happy to assist. No matter the bazillion questions I asked, they were more than happy to give advice, pick out products that I was familiar with ION , and helped me tailor what I needed. They did NOT try to upsell anything or try to force me to buy extras, I appreciated that. Ironically, when I asked them for a website or number I could call to say how great they were - the workers called their headquarters and the headquarters clearly stated I could hear them over the line they did not want to give out a phone number because they didn't want bad customer comments or reviews.

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