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Couponing is not worth my time esp since I would have to print them all online. I agree with almost all above. I hate that they make you print the coupons. My almost weekly circular pack has almost no coupon inserts, so I have no choice. If the deals are not good, I will not buy the product. I love oxyclean detergent now and only found out because of the deals on it.

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I am not married to a certain brand. Also with recently purchasing a new washer, I only need a small amount of detergent. And I am honest. Coupon insert printer? Whoever- and control the security of their coupon inserts, so they just eliminated the inserts in certain parts of the country. So inconvenient for honest consumers who get the newspaper delivered.

They use cheaper ingredients to save money. I use other brands that are much better. I go to job lot with 2 cover girl coupons I had just printed and was told by the cashier that I copied them because they were plain on the back??? I called corporate because I was left feeling like I was a fraud, never mind the people behind me looking on… corporate said they would handle it but really nothing was done.

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This is getting ridiculous…I thought they made coupons to motivate you to purchase their product! I am a huge couponer to save money on groceries with out limited income. None of their coupons seem to scan anymore, even when you have the product pictured, This creates problems in stores that will not accept coupons that will not scan. I have switched also. Or just stop buying their toxic crap that is tested on animals.

There are reasonable alternatives to everything P and G, Unilever, and Dial Corp makes in the form of cruelty free ethical products. Move over p and g. Persil has taken over!!! The heck with tide and your other overpriced products!!!! My local grocery store does not offer a loyalty card, so I miss out on all of the deals for those. If coupons stop, I will be very upset.

The local CVS said they will no longer take coupons that beep so I quit trying. If this fraud is happening because the security measures on the coupons are being ignored by cashiers the issue is not with consumers or the Redemption or suspected abuse. How could crooks redeem more than they were permitted if the cashier had used the e-verification features embedded in the offer? It is just like credit card or cash or anything else it can be abused it can be Counterfeit it can fund more nefarious acts so why is it being treated any different in terms of training and education?

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I used to demo things in Walmart. When we had Persil, I thought the deal was good, loved the fragrances, and bought a bottle. Whenever I can, I use Persil. I was able to truthfully tell customers what a super product it is did several Persil demos. Do hope it did that! No contest. Funny thing about this.


When brands and stores make things difficult I just stop shopping with them. Of course, some of my coupons beeped. This meant that the coupons were coded improperly and attached to the wrong products. Also explains why some coupons beep—the system does not think the correct product or quantity of products was purchased. Coupon did not come off, so I called Customer Service and they credited me with points for the coupon value. Would make it so much easier. I find that the printed coupons are hit or miss if they scan.

Now we just go without if we can and I buy the minimum of essential products. Off topic, but does someone have the email address for Catalina coupons. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?!

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Team Fav. Easy Air Fryer Empanadas. Latest Tips. Good Luck. About Us. How Coupons Saved My Life. Subscribe to Newsletter Login Register. Jul 26, 2: Print today. You have a few options when collecting the Proctor and Gamble Everyday coupons. You can use your local newspaper to get new coupons. There is also a section on the site where you can request to be a Bzz member where you may be eligible to receive free samples from Proctor and Gamble. Here are what some of the free coupons look like on the site that are available to print, here are some for laundry, and towels such as bounty:.

There are a ton of coupons available to print for free online. Go here to enter your zip code to check the newspapers they feature their coupons in — you can pick up a newspaper and start saving today!

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