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The process of changing your broadband provider is actually pretty straightforward. First, you put your postcode into our impartial comparison tool. Finally, you sign up with your new provider online. The actual switch should be virtually seamless, and in the vast majority of cases it is.

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For more info, see our guide: How to switch broadband. Click below to find the best deals available based on the services you're after:. The only exception is when you're switching to or from Virgin Media, in which case you'll have to call and cancel. This depends entirely on who your current provider is. If your email address is from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, or Plusnet, you'll still have access to your emails at least temporarily - but we'd suggest changing over to a free service like Gmail or Outlook so you don't need to worry about losing all your emails just for switching broadband.

See our guide for more info. Yes, you can normally keep your existing number if you switch from one provider to another. However if you're a cable customer or need a new line, you may need to get a new one. For everything you need to know, see our guide: Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, it's possible to get a second phone line installed into a property. There are many reasons you might want to do this - getting a business-specific line, or splitting your property into flats or rented rooms, for example. The cost of fitting a second line will vary depending on who your provider is, and you may have to wait a few days until an engineer is available to do the work.

Contact the provider for more information. However, if you stream a lot of video, download music, films and games, and other such activities, you will likely find a fibre connection hugely beneficial.

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The more people using a connection, the slower it will be, so if you have a big family where lots of people want to connect to the web at the same time, for example, a fibre connection will ensure everyone can get a good experience. Cable giant Virgin Media is the only major UK provider to offer broadband without a telephone line. Its fibre optic network is completely separate from the copper phone wire network that ordinarily connects you to the web. Aside from this, the only alternative is to use mobile broadband instead - then you have no requirement for a landline. But, if your internet use is anything other than particularly light, this might just prove to be too slow or too restrictive to need your needs.

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Otherwise, by clicking on or navigating this site, you accept our use of cookies. Why do we need your postcode? We don't want to show you a load of deals that you can't actually get, so by giving us your postcode we show you only the deals that are available where you live. We don't share your postcode with anyone else. Take a look at our privacy policy to find out more. Broadband options. Standard Fibre. Monthly usage allowance The amount you download determines the broadband package you should get.

To keep things simple, we ask if you would like to see packages which are unlimited. These packages are ideal for users who are online for several hours during the day, or use the internet extensively for entertainment - like downloading movies and TV, streaming entertainment, or playing games.

They are also good for large households where several people go online at the same time. Limited Unlimited. Minimum speed Your broadband speed determines how fast web pages load, files are downloaded, the time streaming video takes to buffer, and more. For a big household, or one where you stream lots of video or play games, a fast speed is recommended.

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Include cost of new line Show homephone only. Filter Sort by: Our best picks Our best picks are deals we highlight as having particularly strong special offers or are sponsored listings. To compare a wider list of packages, sorted according to your chosen criteria, you can enter your postcode in the box above.

Special Offer Fast Broadband. Call TalkTalk. Broadband unlimited.

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Visit now More Details More Details. FibreBroadband unlimited. Call BT. That way we can stay free for you.

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We do receive a commission from our providers if you sign up through us but this does not affect how we display plans or the results we show you. We are Australian owned and locally operated in Melbourne so we understand Australian's broadband needs. Compare Broadband and Home Phone Bundle plans Combine your broadband and home phone into a bundle plan.

Request callback. Compare Broadband compares plans from the above providers. Not all plans available from these providers are compared by Compare Broadband and depending on your location or service availability not all plans may be available to all customers. Show Filters. Contract Length.

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