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We are here to empower you to pick perfect thing at reason cost. Do whatever it takes not to hold up oblige us on this sublime experience. Last edited: Apr 15, Here's my PayPal dispute response Hello david, Hi, Sorry about that. We have contacted the supplier many time for this issue, but they always said that they hadn't found the replacement part becasue they couldn't get a respond from the manufacuter. We understand that the broken part bothers you.

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But, hope you can understand. Can you even believe this. After all my emails go unanswered for a month I opened a case last night for the KBB tank and I get a response immediately and the response is We understand that we sent you a broken item and it bothers you but I hope you can understand that we're not doing anything about it.

This is actually like an April Fool's joke. Can you imagine ordering anything from a company in this day and age and when it arrives broken their responses is I hope you can understand there's nothing we can do and they didn't even offer a partial refund.

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And by the way they knew they weren't going to do anything and never emailed me or told me until I opened up a PayPal case ,so what they were saying was That says a lot about a company and it's all you need to know about this one. RoDu , Apr 15, Jul 7, Posts: Vwfan88 , Apr 15, Jul 10, Posts: NYC Likes: I bought something from TF-direct that was defective and they wanted me to ship it back to them out of my own pocket. They would do anything else for you. I will never buy from them again. Shattered , Apr 19, I felt like quoting everyone in this response but it definitely would've been too much especially considering how long winded I am.

Another forum I belong to gives it's members the ability to tag someone in a response so they get a notification by adding to the beginning of their name. Too bad we don't have that here. But I'll use it anyway so you know who I'm referring to in my responses.

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And hopefully your present order comes through with no issue despite your ebay order seeming to be processing faster. I know exactly what routes to take from now on. I lol'd at your second post. As for your claim I've only had I believe 2 claims with Paypal in 6 years both where handled in days max and I believe it was because I called Paypal itself as both times they where happy to resolve it while I was on the phone and it wasn't even a long call. I'm considering creating a thread about TF-Direct and how one can best protect themselves.

For while the experiences seem to vary it also seems that when something does go wrong TF-Direct isn't willing to do anything for their customers. RoDu Thanks for the info. I greatly appreciate it. It may explain some of the issues since to me it seems the negative reviews of TF-Direct have gone up in frequency in this thread since last year. It still wouldn't excuse their poor customer service IMO. Vwfan88 Really sorry to hear man.

My story took on a similar turn which I'm going to explain below. Taureanstar Thanks man I appreciate that. As you said there does seem to be a mix of experiences but I've noticed in this thread as we got closer to the present date the negative reviews seem to be increasing and eclipsing the good. Especially when you consider some of the good reviews have been a member mentioning their one positive experience twice in this thread.

As for my experience it's unfortunately gotten worse. Since I thought my first order was lost I placed and paid for another of the same products. An order which wound up being delivered pretty quickly. After 2 days after receiving the replacements my tracking on my TF-Direct shipment updated. The very one Paypal had found the claim TF-Direct made in my favor and refunded me the full price. Being a bit of an insomniac this happened late night early morning.

Proof of the overcharge I have in the form of screen shots. I also sent them the emails from another order I made with them where the item arrived broken and they refused to send me parts or a replacement. An order which I never disputed with Paypal because it happened at a time when my Mother had suddenly gotten ill and wound up passing at the time. If they couldn't I asked them to then instead suggest their own equitable for both of us solution.

This way if they wanted the product back I could just refuse the package and it would be returned to them. Of course they didn't reply for two days despite me doing what I could to contact them during their business hours. They said they weren't willing to give me any discount and wanted me to pay for premium return shipping with tracking and insurance I didn't even get the product yet, the tracking just updated saying it was in Customs. That was my thank you for being honest and trying to actually be fair to us both.

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It's in US dollars. It used to be in CND a while back. I think there is a minimum though. I sent them 2 enquiries and no response. It's been 2 business days. I don't want it that bad. A lot of their product is shipped direct from China. I guess that's why their name Thanks for this! Where did you find this code? I used to get most of my 3P figures from Chimung but now since he has raised his prices to be on par with US retailers - I'm looking for a new provider. TF-direct looks to be a bit cheaper because they have coupon codes and you have no chance of being hit by customs right?

I live in Vancouver too, but it's a shame there is no local pick up. Any other thoughts or advice? It's fair though, they have to maintain a physical store but definitely not the best price For any figure. Taxes are a bane. But if you're getting it shipped -even though they are located in the city, how much will it cost then? And you get issues resolved.

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Yeah taxes suck - this is why TFD is cheaper, it says on the website they don't charge tax. I think A3U does. I don't have any issues with TFD, just asked them some questions about payment and shipping, no response yet.